Thursday, July 30, 2009

New from Alexander Wang

I'm not even going to try to hide my love of Alexander Wang. He's in my top three fav designers of all time, I wear his Gap trench all the time, and um, he's adorable. I've been waiting for his extensive bag collection to hit stores for months, and it's finally here! Here are my top pics, plus some fab new Alexander Wang dresses.

Jess Small Shopper, $895 at, Daphne Duffel Bag, $890 at, Hillary Large Tote, $890 at The shredded detail on this shopper reminds me so much of Bottega Veneta, and their woven bags, except in a much younger and more modern way. The combination of the funky texture and classic shape is spot on, and the extra-long handles mean it'll hang in that perfect, accidentally on purpose slouchy way (if that makes any sense at all). I love the texture on this second bag. It's like a combination of fading/a gradient and either intense distressing or snakeskin embossing. The grey on grey color palette is neutral and versatile, but so rich due to the color variations and the exotic feel of the pattern. This is like my dream carry-on bag (it even has a convenient shoulder strap!). And here's my favorite, the studded tote. Like the shopper, it has the long handle that guarantees perfect slouchiness, but the sheen of the leather and the black on black with the studs takes it to an entirely different level. I need this. The studs are the perfect detail, not too in-your-face, but the ideal dose of subtle edge.

Burnout Velvet Combo Dress, $420 at, Geometric Bustier Dress, $520 at, Cutout Dress, $650 at I'm very entertained by this first dress, the way it looks like Frankendress, stitched together from the remnants of two other dresses. It sounds fugly, but somehow it works. The juxtaposition of the fitted, sleek right side and the opulent, draping left side makes this dress flattering, but at the same time carefree and effortless. The print on this second dress reminds me of those English composition notebooks I used in middle school. Awkward memories aside, I really like the cut, with the sweetheart neckline balanced by the bondage-esque straps, and the seriousness of that body-skimming fit mediated by the sketchy unsureness of the print. I love the back on this last dress. It's a little '90s, but it's a nice way to be sexy without showing too much skin. The zipper detail is genius.

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