Thursday, July 2, 2009

Things I'm Loving: Part 2

Just like I promised, here's part 2. It's all jewelry except for the random hair accessory and shoes I threw in because, well, I'm random. And exhausted, so my brain's kinda functioning on crazy right now. But I did manage to make the blog a Facebook page, which is bare bones right now but should be pretty and sparkly in a few days. Be a fan of Awkward Chic on Facebook! No pressure...cough cough...

Unearthen Medium Oxidized Silver Necklace, $320 at, Milagro Heart Necklace by Erica Weiner, $45 at, Vintage Necklace 2, $54 at I've been drooling over these Unearthern necklaces for awhile now. They're made out of old bullet casings and rough stones (here you can choose between aqua aura quartz, amethyst, and black tourmaline), and come in wooden boxes filled with little bits of nature. I can't get over how gorgeous the combination of the rough, mechanical bullet casing with the organic, natural aesthetic of the stone and the delicacy of the chain. And these aren't factory bullet casings. They're actually found in the desert. These are legit. As is this Milagro necklace. Milagros are little offerings in generally given to Latin American saints as thanks or to ask a favor. These hearts with the sword through them are meant to help heal broken hearts. Erica Weiner plated these authentic Milagros in gold and made them into pendants so you can carry their healing power with you. $45 is a pretty good price for something as cheerful and unique as that! This last necklace is vintage and made in India, and um, it's kind of awesome. It's the definition of a statement necklace, and the explosion of beads at the bottom is so dramatic and chic. Did I mention that it's vintage Indian? I'm sold.

Erica Weiner Herkimer Diamond Solitaire Ring, $100 at, Emi-Jay Hair Ties, $10.99 for 8 hair ties at, Jimmy Choo for Hunter boots: Herkimer's are like the Fool's Gold version of diamonds, but they look pretty real to me. Again, the contrast of the rough-hewn stone and the smooth shine of the ring setting. I would totally wear this on my ring finger and pretend I was engaged. Or maybe that's just me...I'm always looking for easy ways to change up my day to day hair look, and I'm intrigued by these Emi Jay hair ties. They were created by two Gossip Girl-crazed teens, and are made of a silky elastic with the ends tied into a little bow. They're cheap, come in a ton of colors, and are a fantastic alternative to the usual ponytail holder. Last but not least, I NEED THESE JIMMY CHOO FOR HUNTER BOOTS. I'm getting a black, plain pair of Hunters for college (they have this weird thing called rain in Boston...), but I'm in love with this croc embossed pair. They're amazing. I can't really form words. I mean...crocodile RAIN BOOTS. Drool. They're over $400 and ridiculously hard to track down, but I just want to stare at the picture for awhile.

Unearthen necklace:, Milagro necklace:, Sophia Reyes necklace:, Erica Weiner ring:, Emi Jay hair ties:, Hunter Boots:


  1. That is indeed a lovely ring, lovely in an untamed beauty sort of way -- that aesthetic often works, I find.

    P.S. I hope you like Boston! I love New England weather -- autumn is simply the loveliest time of the year.

  2. I know! I'm so dying for that ring right now :)

    Thank you! I'm really excited to live somewhere that actually has fall. In LA summer goes through October and then it's straight to winter. I want to see the leaves change :)



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