Monday, July 20, 2009

American Apparel Sheer Circle Scarf

I like to buy myself presents. All the time. For no reason. Craaazzzy. So it was my birthday this weekend (perfect excuse to buy myself gifties), and since I turned 18, I had to do now legal things. Like buy lottery tickets, and take pictures outside tattoo parlors (because I can't actually get one...). Hence the picture below. I bought myself the American Apparel Sheer Circle Scarf, which I've been eying for awhile. I'm such a scarf freak, and while I love my Love Quotes scarf to death, I wanted a few more, less expensive scarves to complete my collection, and circle scarves are going to be big for fall (thank you, Lanvin). I got the scarf in See Thru Athletic Blue.

Maud's first comment was "Cirque du Soleil!" When unlooped, it goes down past my knees--and I'm 5'8.' I can loop it twice (like in my picture) or three times for a warmer look, or even loop it over my head like in the American Apparel pic, which got tons of laughs and Lady Gaga comments, but I like it. I actually like the sheer fabric better than the regular fabric. The regular fabric can look a little bulky, but the sheer fabric, while only slightly sheer, is warm without being heavy. The fabric is really soft and squishy and cozy, and the pattern reminds me of their melange v-necks. See Thru Athletic Blue is a slightly heathered lapis lazuli that's bright enough to be flattering, but basic enough to be versatile.

As much as I love my Love Quotes scarf, I want at least two more of these. They're just under $40 a pop, which sounds expensive but makes sense once you feel them in person. They feel luxurious, they drape perfectly, and the circle shape might be my new favorite thing. It insures that your scarf is never going to slide off and trip you (what? crazy...), and means that even if you just threw on that scarf over your outfit as an afterthought, you'll look polished.

American Apparel Super Sheer Circle Scarf in See Thru Athletic Blue, $37 at

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