Thursday, July 2, 2009

Coco Cocoon and Cobra Starship ft. Leighton Meester

So Maud posted the promo pics for the campaign Lily Allen is doing for the Chanel Coco Cocoon bag (that's a mouthful), but she didn't have the bag pics. I'm the bearer of bad news this time. The campaign looks adorable, Lily Allen with her little tiara and her Elizabethan ruff (love her), but the bags...well...the bags are pretty darn awful. Observe:

Surprise, they're reversible, so you get double the ugly! I feel like this needs to be a joke. They look like sleeping bags. I just don't understand. And since they're Chanel, they'll be $1500 plus. Save yourself the grief and buy a classic 2.55 instead. Please. For my sake. If I see these on the street, I may have to confiscate them (to burn, not keep, silly).

On a totally unrelated note, Leighton Meester is featured on the single a
nd in the video for Cobra Starship's new single, Good Girls Go Bad. I'm surprised and impressed that she choose her first highly publicized singing adventure to be with Cobra Starship, because they're definitely not standard fare, but I love them to death. Plus, I didn't know it was Blair (she'll always be Blair) at first, and I thought she was a legit female pop star. She doesn't suck at all, and she looks pretty darn cute in the video (pics below) which I embedded for the lazy peeps. Loving the song and her Narcisco Rodriguez-esque first ensemble and the glossy smokey eye!

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