Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cupcakes and Choos

Friday my mom and I were out and about in West LA, mainly the Wilshire/Rodeo area and Larchmont. So what I didn't mention last week was that there is pretty much the most bitchin shoe sale going on at Saks and that was (at least for me) the main reason we were over there again. Eventually I landed with these adorable BCBG gladiator heels that look strangely similar (cough, cough) to these Jimmy Choo heels that I have been crushing on for a while now. I have to say, they are ridiculously comfortable, effortlessly cute, and easy to walk in. That's and epic win in my book.

BCBG Max Azria Aceline High Heel Zip Gladiator, origianlly $25
0 and purchased for $120 after tax! Jimmy Choo Glenys Watersnake Sandals, $1,295 at The Choo sandal actually comes in calfskin as well I think and there are a few other style variations that look more similar to the pair I bought, but this is the only decent photo I could find of them that wasn't a paparazzi shot.

And now for my new addiction and appologies ahead of time because I have just discovered the most amazing cupcakes ever. I may be a little late to the Crumbs sensation but, oh dear, it is so worth every penny, calorie, and most especially bite. They're like heaven. I have never ever tasted a cupcake (or cake really) that was so moist and flavourful and absolutely dilicious. Seriously. No really. They have a few locations in California and others in New York, New Jersey, and Conneticut and I highly suggest that you go and drive over to the nearest one near you. I've been known for my little Dots obsession (a.k.a. also Sprinkles cupcakes) but sadly they just do not hold up to Crumbs cupcakes. They are
also more expensive by exactly a dollar ($3.75 for Crumbs versus $2.75 for Dots) but they are also significantly larger so the whole cost/benefit analysis doesn't really change for what you get for the money. I really hope they open up one in Pasadena soon. Otherwise I'm going to have to waste some serious gas just to go and pick some of these puppies up. I bought the brownie cupcake and I just don't know if I could try another cupcake ever. It was definitely messy because it fell apart all over me but it was so good I just did not care. It was a rich chocolate cake with fudge frosting (which I think was actually just fudge) and a few slices of excellent brownie on top. I DIE. As a side note, I had also already eatin a bean and cheese borrito, bread and cheese, fizzy water, AND pasta. And I ate the whole thing. If that doesn't tell you how good these cupcakes are, I don't know what will. Anyways, my mom bought the Hostess cupcake, which is basically a Hostess cupcake but with nothing artificial. My mom actually thought it was better than an official Hostess and meant to split it in two and save half for later but ate it in one sitting instead. Yeah. They're that good.

P.S. Do you like how I spent more time talking about the cu
pcakes than the shoes? I have some serious priority issues right now!

Image Sources: BCBG: Jimmy Choo: Crumbs:

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