Saturday, July 4, 2009

Glastonbury Style 2009

For those of you who don't know, Glastonbury festival is kind of like Coachella, except for the fact that it's in England, and instead of dust, there's mud. Personally, I think Glastonbury style is much more interesting than Coachella style, probably because it's a more photographed event since Kate Moss tends to go, and when the paparazzi are around people put more effort into their outfits. That's my theory, at least. Glastonbury has a great mixture of traditional English style, hippie funk, and rock and roll, and it's the place where Kate Moss made Hunter boots famous, so it has to be good, right?

Amelia Astley in WKND dress, vintage boots, and Persol glasses, Jessie Brinton in Antipodium dress, Chanel sunnies, vintage bag and belt, and Havaianas sandals, Quentin Jones in vintage skirt, Gap tank, Topshop sandals, and eBay sunnies: This first dress is so adorable in a twisted, Alice in Wonderland on crack way, but the scrunchy socks and practical boots bring it back down to earth nicely. This middle look is perfect summer chic, just a little cream dress, a brown leather belt/bag, big sunnies, and simple sandals. It's understated and pulled together, but not at all boring. This third look is where the '90s start to creep back in. Note the crop top and floral skirt. What keeps it modern is that the skirt is high-waisted, so there's barely any midriff showing, making it more 2009 than 1999.

Jessica Dohery in Topshop dress, vintage hat, Dunlop boots, and Primark bag, Molly Boyblue and Madeleine Stokes in (left) vintage jacket and hoodie, H&M top, homemade shorts, American Apparel leggings, Gola shoes, (right) Gap shirt, Beyond Retro top, Topshop shorts and leggings, and Ugg boots, Lillie in vintage dress and bag, Eagle boots, and Ray-ban sunnies: This first girl has a great retro, Russian, pin-up thing going on, and the sexy thigh highs contrast perfectly with the festive, floral dress. You can see even more '90s grunge in this middle look. I mean, flannel shirts as jackets and denim cut offs and Ugg boots? I'd trade the Uggs for a sleeker, shinier pair of boots for a more of the moment look. This third look is a little '90s with the floral print, a little '80s with the big shoulders, and totally modern, thanks to the styling. Who knew muddy boots could be so cute?

Valentine Fillol-Cordier in Charles Anastase jacket, vintage top, H&M jeans, Marc Jacobs boots and necklace, Eliza Cummings in vintage dress, Hunter boots, and Ray-ban sunnies, Kinga Burza in vintage dress and bag, Ray-ban sunnies and Harley Davidson boots: A simple cropped jean jacket over a sheerish tee, slim pants, and wellies is such a basic look, but Valentine pulls it off so well because the proportions and color palette are perfect. The visible bra trend is back in this middle look, and what makes it work is that the bra and dress are the same color and the bra is just barely exposed, so instead of screaming 'lingerie!' it just makes the dress look like it has an interesting neckline. I so thought this last girl was Keira Knightley, and she's not, but she has a great personal style all her own. I love the audacity of the leopard print dress and fringed bag, which aren't overwhelming or cheesy because of the sleek, black accessories that they're paired with.

Lily Allen: a pink dress and Hunter boots, Lily Donaldson: Vintage top, shorts, and bag, Hunter boots, Ray-ban sunnies, Theodora and Alexandra Richards: (left) green jacket, Hunter boots, Opening Ceremony top, Levis shorts, (right) Urban Outfitters shirt, American Apparel tights, Hunter boots, vintage bathing suit: I like where Lily Allen was going with this. The irony of a prom dress over wellies is too cute. I just wish that dress was a teesny bit shorter so some leg would show, because the transition from dress to boots is making her look seriously shorter than she actually is. When does Lily Donaldson ever look bad? The sheer tee and visible bra are totally on-trend, as are the sheer tights, the boots and jean shorts are classic Glastonbury, and the black bag and sunnies tie the color story together. Major jealous. The Richards sisters are chanelling the '90s like the two girls above, but what makes it work better here is the addition of a more classic, timeless boot and less layering, resulting in a more streamlined ensemble.

Lily Allen: pink dress, white sneakers, blonde wig, Lily Cole: white top, black shorts, boots, Alexa Chung: black jacket, leggings, boots, and a Matthew Williamson tunic: Again, I see where Lily Allen was going with this, pairing a little party dress with white sneakers is very ironic and very her. I just wish she'd lost the blonde wig, put on a bag, and made the dress two/three inches longer so it hit at a more flattering place on her thigh. Lily Cole looks adorable as usual. The black/white combo is very chic and on-trend, and I love the idea of a blousy white top tucked into tiny black shorts as a play on proportions. The hippie headband and sunnies soften the graphic color combo nicely. Alexa Chung is pretty much famous for her wardrobe, and she does not disappoint. Layering a tough, black moto jacket over a hippie-tastic tunic makes her look playful and combines the rock and roll and flower child aspects of Glastonbury perfectly, and her black accessories keep the focus on her cute outfit.

Daisy Lowe: fringed skirt, blank tank, brown bag, and black boots, Pixie Geldorf: black jacket, Vivienne Westwood bag, shorts, and rain boots, Elizabeth Jagger: printed tee, jean shorts, and Hunter boots: Daisy Lowe pulls it out, as usual. The simple black tank with a hint of sheerness balances out the dynamic fringed skirt perfectly, and the brown bag makes it off-beat and quirky (I NEED that skirt). Pixie Geldorf on the other hand, isn't doing so well. She looks stuck in some bad, early '90s movie with that hair, and the proportions of her outfit are overwhelming her. Lose the hair, shrink the jacket and lengthen the shorts, and she'd be on to something. Elizabeth Jagger's look is pretty basic, but I think the printed tee/jean cutoff is brightened up nicely by the Hunter boots, the sunnies add a classic touch, and, um, I'm having serious hair envy.

Conclusion: lots of knee/thigh highs, sheer tights, Hunter boots (der), denim cutoffs, big sunnies, drapey tees, and general '90s grunge inspiration.

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