Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How To: The Perfect Ponytail

So I know I haven't posted in a while (by that I mean I, me, Maud), but that's just because I've been busy/lazy/uninspired as of late. But no fear. I is back. And with the recipe for a perfect ponytail to boot. While my hair may be a little unmanageable at times, a tribute I associate with my Mexifro, there is still a way to make an adorable hairstyle even from some of the most rebellious of hair.

What you'll need: a hair tie (probably one that doesn't have a metal band so that it doesn't damage your hair), a few clips or bobby pins close to your hair color, and a head band is optional for additional cuteness.

So generally I just let my hair air dry after a shower,
but if you are a little more specific with what you do, then do that. Just make sure that your hair is straight in the front and that you can tame all of your fly-aways. Once done, I put my hair in a loop or bun depending on my mood. Then I go to sleep. Seriously. That's it. (But if you take a shower in the morning and are looking for a quirky going-out style, you can leave your hair in that position during the day and then follow up before you go out.) After I wake I take my hair down and pin up my bangs on the top of my head and make sure that the rest of my hair stays flat around the sides. Then after some touch-ups I pull my hair back into a ponytail that lies about midway up the back of my head with a tie. If you have any stray hairs underneath, pin them back with another clip or pin if necessary. You can add any hair accessory after that to dress up or down your style.

P.S. That's my dog Sugar in the corner. She say hi.

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