Saturday, August 1, 2009

Inspired by: True Blood

I finally got Maud addicted to True Blood. I'm telling you, it took about 6 months of convincing for that to happen, but she got conned into it on my birthday and now she's hooked. So I'm sure she won't mind me doing another post about True Blood. Season 2 just started about 6 weeks ago, and there are a whole new bunch of hair, makeup, and wardrobe ensembles that I'm dying to try. I rounded up a few of my favorites for you guys.

I'm not really feeling the dress here (it's bandana print?!), but I'm in love with the hair! It reminds of that stiff, Grace Kelly inspired swoop that Kate Winslet did for the Oscars, but I love it so much more here. I think the softness of the curls at the bottom balances out the structure at the crown perfectly, and the flowers pinning back the side are just too cute. The red lip keeps it a little retro, but the dramatic liner stops it from looking costumey.

I think Anna Paquin's little J. Crew-ish cardigan skirt combo is darling. The whole look is very retro--I mean, it's a fitted cardigan and an a-line skirt--but the loose, slightly messy curls freshen it up.

This girl is probably my favorite character. Her hair is FANTASTIC. I wants it. And the makeup department has this whole soft smokey eye thing going on that I'm really feeling. That sundress is a repeat from Season 1, and I still love it.

More pretty, curly hair. It's times like this that I wish my hair would, you know, actually hold a curl. Sigh.

I think the key to the wardrobe here is mixing retro, Americana-inspired pieces with more modern basics, and the makeup seems like lots of soft, smokey eyes topped off with berry lip gloss. I'm thinking something like this Mara Hoffman Gathered Party Dress, $392 at, this Smashbox Eyelights Palette in Smokebox, $34 at, and Nars Lip Gloss in Stella, $24 at The dress has a slightly retro, swingy shape with the defined waist, but the geometric, asymmetrical print and mini-length make it very of the moment. This palette has an ivory highlighter, a taupe base, and dark black to use as a liner/contour for the perfect smokey eye, and Stella lip gloss is actually much more vibrant in person. It's a lovely, subtle raspberry shade with great lasting power.

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  1. To purchase the yellow flowered sweater:

  2. Good call! I like that they're mixing high and low like that.

  3. Well, I just love the Southern Vampires, and when I red I imagine Sookie wearing diferent clothes, more sexy and contemporea.
    So, I prefer my imagination, but she steal ok!


  4. I'm also addicted to True Blood : )



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