Friday, July 10, 2009

Loyalty and Blood

It's going to be short and sweet today because I feel gross after going to the doctor (is taking all those vials of blood really necessary? What are they doing with all of that?!) and I'm crazy insane busy.

I've always been into heraldic/Gothic imagery because I was so secretly a Renaissance nerd for pretty much all of middle/elementary school, and the aesthetic stuck. Plus I'm English, and there's just such an awesomely scandalous history behind all that English nobility (have you seen The Tudors?). Which is why I'm currently in love with Loyalty and Blood, an accessories company with a dark, slightly medieval twist.

Fierce Kitty Tote Bag, $28 at, Letter Totes, $28 at That red cat is just so hilarious when paired with an innocent, cream tote bag, and I saw a coyote that looked just like it at work today, so...random association! There is something fiercely retro/awesome about the silhouetted colorblock of that cat, though. I really love Loyalty and Blood's alphabet totes. They make one for each letter of the alphabet, and it's a cute way to incorporate your monogram or initials into an outfit without being preppy or cheesy. I had to show you guys the M, of course (I'm biased), but I really like the H tote too. The decorative element of the letters keeps them looking less prepster and more artsy, which is really nice.

King Tut tee, $46 at, Rabbit Tee, $46 at, Leaf with Owl Necklace, $32 at I'm not a printed tee girl by any means, but these two are just so charming. That King Tut tee would be fantastic tucked into a high-waisted black mini because it's quirky and offbeat (especially with the spray paint detail), but the mostly monochromatic palette keeps it from being overwhelming. The oversized, pink bunny is just so whimsical and adorable, and would add just enough kookiness to a basic, neutral outfit. Loyalty and Blood also does great jewelry. I'm loving the earthiness of this owl/oak leaf necklace. It's simple, but dramatic.

Oval Filigree Dagger Necklace, $38 at, Love Necklace, $38 at, Songbird Necklace, $34 at I think this dagger necklace would work really well layered with a bunch of other necklaces, peeking out from a tangle of chains. It might be a little much all on its own. I love the Love necklace (hehe) because it's romantic, but not in a cheesy way, and all the love-related charms complement each other so perfectly. The last necklace would look fantastic silhouetted against a plain white tee paired with, say, a cropped motorcycle jacket. It's innocent and sweet, but still polished.

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