Thursday, July 23, 2009

Craving: Jacquie Aiche

I love finding new brands, and I love jewelry, so it fits that I love this new jewelry band (I know, I have crazy math skills). Jacquie Aiche has an amazing, organic vibe that's sweet and earthy, but still polished. I had trouble narrowing down my top picks, but here are my six favorites from their line right now:

Double Prong Geode Ring, $255 at, Braided Silk Wrap Bracelet, on sale for $147 down from $210 at, Hummingbird Waif Ring, $88 at That ring has a giant geode on it. A giant geode. Words are failing me. The contrast between the slick polish of the band and the craggy shape of the geode is so perfect, and it's just such a randomly awesome thing to wear. I wouldn't even want to layer it, I'd just wear that ring all on it's own so it could stand out. I love the slinky drape of this bracelet. Bangles freak me out, but the way that this bracelet slouches across the wrist is so insouciant and sexy. The mixed textures and dangling gold tassel coukld also add a ton of visual interest to a really basic outfit. How adorable is that hummingbird ring? It has a tiny hummingbird on it! A hummingbird! It's completely delicate and feminine, but not overly precious or girly at all.

Moonstone Candy Ring, $210 at, Layers Spiderweb Necklace, $255 at, Layers Hamsa Necklace, $165 at That moonstone glows against the gold. That ring layered with a ton of skinny little gold bands, with the stone peeking out from the middle, would be so fantastic. These two necklaces look long, but they hit at the breastbone. The spiderweb is a bit larger, and I'd wear it solo so that all the focus is on the spiderweb. I mean, you're wearing a spiderweb necklace. It deserves attention, and there's something so goth-chic about it. This Hamsa neckace is my favorite. It's really small, so there's just a delicate little hand hitting right at your breastbone. The gold finish and minute size of the necklace are so delicate and chic, but the hand with the eye is a great statement, and I love the contrast between the look of the necklace and it's message.

Lauren Merkin Ostrich Paige Duffel Bag, $575 at And this is random, but I want this bag. Want. Scratch that, need. The shape is totally classic, and practical, just a basic squared off duffel, but the embossed ostrich is so cheap-chic. I mean, it looks like real ostrich for a fraction of the cost, and the light grey body with the black trim is so versatile, but offbeat. And very me. I mean, I'm already making up outfits for this bag in my head. Drool.

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