Thursday, July 2, 2009

Behind the Seams

Okay so today I found not one but two new Chanel ads for the coming seasons. One isn't really official as it's just a behind the scenes photograph of Lily Allen and Uncle Karl for the house's ad for their new Coco Cocoon handbag. (The name kind of scares me, but we'll just have to wait and see then, won't we?) You can't really see much except for a really quirky tiara (in a good way) that Lily is wearing, the back of Karl's head, and a hair stylist. Not much to go on, but enough. I think the mixing of the two's fashion ideologies will mix well, bringing a 21st Century twist to the fashion label. I'm hoping it will be fun and whimsical in that Chanel-y kind of way. Oh, and did I mention the Shakespearean collar. Woahza!

The second dish is on Keira Knightley's new Coco Mademoiselle ad. Now if I recall properly I believe there was some kerfuffle (YES, I did just use kerfuffle in a sentence) about the equally lovely Emma Watson being the new face of Coco Mademoiselle but that storm seemed to pass as she is now the current face of Burberry (Which is strange considering the two houses are kind of competitors and all, oh well.
They all seem to still get on swimmingly.) This actually works out for me seeing as I was, and to a certain extent still am, obsessed with Keira's previous ad for Coco. I mean that commercial is just so good. Really. She looks faboush! It has to be one of my favorite and possibly one of the most mesmerizing commercials ever. I mean I just really like the hair and the hat, no biggie. Anyways. The new ad is slightly disappointing considering just how excellent the first ad was. But no matter. Keira still looks amazing (With a hint of photoshop perhaps? I think yes. Especially considering all the soft light, but whatever.) and I still love the classic scent of CM. So yeah, I'll still buy the stuff even if the ads are horrendous, which they never really are though, so yeah. Now I'm rambling. But just in case you're really interested, here is the old ad compared to the new ad. So you know, you can make up your own mind.

Image Sources: Lily,; Keira,

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