Friday, July 24, 2009

My Picks from MAC's Love That Look and Baby Bloom

So I guess MAC decided to release their Love That Look and Baby Bloom collections a week early. I'm not complaining. Since the lovely Christine over at Temptalia already put up swatches (how does she do that?!), I went through both collections and came up with my must have list. This is just the stuff I'd buy, it's not the entire collections, and keep in mind that I have somewhat tamer taste (I'm sure all the blue and green shadows are lovely, but they're so not me).

Shadows in Dreammaker, Smoke & Diamonds, Fashion Groupie, Glamour Check!, and Style Snob, $14.5o at Dreammaker is a light, peachy gold with lots of shimmer. It might work as a highlighter, but it would be a great base shade to use all over the lid and brighten up heavier, duller colors or a smoky eye. Smoke & Diamonds is a pewter-grey with gold shimmer. I like this because it's not too dark, it's just a nice, medium grey with a little bit of a green/gold twist, so it would be perfect in the outer half of the lid for a subtle flash of grey or as the base for a grey, smoky eye. Fashion Groupie is a medium, reddish purple that looks a lot to me like Nocturnelle but just a bit brighter. I won't be getting this because I have Nocturnelle, but if you're looking for a purple that's vivid enough for color impact but deep enough to contour/line, I'd recommend checking Fashion Groupie out. For some reason, Glamour Check! (chocolate brown with gold shimmer) and Style Snob (pinkish taupe with gold/pink shimmer). Glamour Check! reminds me of Romp, but a bit deeper and less golden, and Style Snob seems like a lovely, wearable taupe with a bit of a gold cast. Glamour Check! and Style Snob would look great together, with Style Snob as a base and Glamour Check! in the crease and outer half of the lid, but what I really want is Style Snob. I don't have any taupes, and I only have one shadow base (Benefit's Creaseless Shadow in Birthday Suit), so I have to get another one, right?

Pearlglide Eyeliners in Fly-By-Blu, Black Russian, Molasses, and Rave, $14.50 at I really want Molasses (dark brown) and Rave (royal purple). I like Molasses because it doesn't seem to have a lot of shimmer, it's just a basic (but pretty) brown liner, and the lack of golden shimmer means that I can pair it with a ton of different looks. Plus, it's a great alternative to the basic black liner, since it still gives definition but without the harshness of black. Rave is a cult classic, and the perfect mix of bright and deep purple. It'll give a flash of color at the lash line, but still define the lash line, and purple is such a flattering color, especially if you have green tones in your eyes!

Suntints SPF 20 Liquid Lip Balms in Full of Grace, Lilt of Lily, Just a Smidge, Moist Plum, and Pink Tinge, $14.50 at, Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15, $29.50: Supposedly all these Lip Balms are barely pigmented, but have a great, gel-like texture. Plus, they have SPF, which is a serious plus when you're outside all day. I want Full of Grace, because it's the darkest, so it'll give a hint of berry color to my lips with all the healing power of my usual lip balm. As for the Moisture Tints, I want to see more reviews before I spring for one, but seriously, a tinted moisturizer from MAC? How could this go wrong? Tinted moisturizers and MAC are two of my favorite things. It must be amazing.

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