Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hollywood Intuition for Target

So Hollywood Intuition is doing a collection for Target, and I have pictures! It's not actually that exciting, but there is some cute, fashion-forward stuff to look forward to for next few days. The collection is priced under $30 and hits stores this Sunday.

Headbands, $2.99 for 3, MM Necklace Horn, 5 necklace set for $14.99, Scarves, $16.99 each: $1 tie-dye headbands that look suspiciously like those Emi-Jay hair ties I posted about a few days ago? Um, yes please. I know tie-dye is a quick, in and out trend, but at $1, you can't go wrong. What I really like about this middle necklace set is that the necklaces aren't attached to each other, so you really do get five separate necklaces. I like the layered lengths and the tiny peace signs (so cute!). I'm not feeling that purple scarf, but the floral printed one looks breezy and adorably chic, and it's less than $20!

Aviators, $14.99, Hollywood Sunglasses, $14.99, Reversible Hat, $16.99: When are aviators ever a bad thing? These look great because they're almost as wide as they are tall, so they'll suit a wider range of face shapes, hopefully including mine. That second pair of sunglasses is perfect for when you want to bring the Jackie O-inspired, Hollywood diva drama, and $15 is the perfect price for a chic, but disposable variation on that classic theme. I'm not generally a hat person, but I've sunburned my scalp about 22346246 times in the last two weeks, so a big floppy hat like this seems like a pretty good idea right about now. Plus, it's reversible, so it's like two hats in one!

Black Tote, $29.99, Faux Snake 4-in-1 Pouches, $12.99, Tote with Printed Scarf, $29.99: That big black bag is so perfect. It's the ideal size, the right mix of streamlined and chic, and looks like it costs a lot more than $30. Hello, steal. And how cute would these snakeskin bags be as coin purses/on the go makeup bags? They're cheap enough so you don't feel bad about trashing them, but cute enough that you don't feel self-conscious about using them in public. This last bag is so classic, just a simple black tote with a girly little scarf, and you could always untie the scarf to have a little Grace Kelly moment.

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