Monday, July 20, 2009

California Poppy

I have to be honest, I'm not a big fan of Coach. I feel like I see that Coach c print everywhere, plopped on not-so-inspiring bags, and it gets old really quickly. But lately they've been coming up with some pretty covetable, remarkably logo-free stuff, especially in their new Poppy collection.

Poppy Patent Spotlight Shoulder Bag in spearmint, licorice, and daisy, $298 at I love the shape of this bag. It's utilitarian, it's fashion-forward, and it's practical. The shoulder straps are the perfect length, there's an optional across-the-body strap, and I love all the hardware against the bows on the side. The size is the right balance between over-sized and easy to use. The green is a fun, summery color that would also brighten up a dark winter wardrobe nicely, the black is totally classic and chic, and the white/yellow is so light and sweet! And since they're only $298, you could buy more than one...just saying...

Poppy OP Art Glam Tote in persimmon, $198 at, Poppy Patent Accordion Zip-Around Wallet, $168 at, Rosario Spectator Maryjane, $178 at I know this tote has the c's on it, but for some reason, it doesn't bother me. The pattern has great, clean lines, and the pink and orange together are just so jaunty. This would be such a great beach tote! Wallets have always kind of bored me. I mean, I keep my money in it, and the only person that sees it is the clerk at wherever I'm shopping. For about five seconds. But I feel like I would be more inspired to whip out on adorable wallet like this blue patent one, which could also double as a clutch. The mix of the sunny blues and metallic hardware is spot-on. I've always liked maryjanes and spectators, but I always feel costumey wearing them. The chunky heel on these and the awesome color palette (that is like, my wardrobe. in a shoe) are totally convincing me, though. It looks functional and practical, and the maryjane influence is subtle (just the ankle strap) as is the spectator influence (the leather top detail). Those touches makes these heels slightly retro, but not at all theatrical.

Skyla Resin Bow Flat, $148 at, Coach Poppy Flower Bib Necklace, $248 at, Poppy Oversized Flower Ring, $78 at I can never say no to a bow ballet flat. I mean, it's just too damn cute. These sort of remind me of the classic Ferragamo flats, but the curving lines and slightly over-sized shape of the bow make it a little more modern, as does the patent leather. These last two pieces might be my favorites. That bib necklace looks much more expensive than it actually is. It's such a heavy necklace, but the brightness of the flowers and the way they look suspended makes it look so much lighter. And that over-sized ring is killing me. It's so damn pretty. And sparkly.

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