Monday, July 13, 2009

Things I Want from Fred Flare Part 2

Alrighty, here's part 2 of my Fred Flare craving list, as promised!

Baker's Edge Pan, $44 at, Cool Jewels Ice Cube Tray, $10 at, Black Lace Tape, $10 for 90 ft at Some ingenious brownie obsessor came up with this brownie pan that makes every brownie an edge brownie. If you like brownies, you know how awesome that is. The edges are the crispiest (in a good way) and chewiest, and so even though it looks like a creepy maze, that pan is a keeper. How cute would it be to serve jewel-shaped ice cubes at a party? It's one of those super subtle touches that can elevate any get-together, and it would be SO adorable if you used fruit juice instead of water so that the ice cubes were gem colored. I heard about this black lace tape a few years ago, and I've been drooling over it ever since. I just want it to use on presents, envelopes, anything special that calls for regular tape, because it's so chic and fun, but so unexpected.

St. Constance Charm Bracelet, $14 at, Antique Skeleton Key Necklace, $12 at, Aviary Cosmetic Pouch, $15 at That bracelet is the perfect mix of Gossip Girl preppy and old English heraldic (two of my fav things). Plus, it's $14. A $14 charm bracelet is never, ever anything but a total steal. I think I like this key necklace even more. I'm sorta obsessed with antique keys, and not only is this a gorgeously intricate one, but it comes on a long chain--the best kind--and it's only $12. For serious. I know this isn't the chicest makeup bag of all time, but it's so darn cute in an old school, Parisian way, and having a nice makeup bag makes traveling so much nicer.

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