Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Things I'm Loving: Part 1

I'm a very random person, and kind of all over the place shopping-wise. I keep a little file of all the stuff that I'm fascinated with at the moment, stuff that I find trolling Shop Bop/La Garconne and about 24574 blogs everyday, and I thought I'd share a few of my favorites with you guys. This is Part 1, with all clothing, and Part 2, which is accessories/shoes, should be up in a few minutes.

Arch Open Back Dress, $324 at, Convert Convertible Dress, $225 at I just have to say that both of these dresses look way, way more expensive than they actually are. The dress on the left is a plain sleeveless dress with a scoopneck in the front, but so much drama in the back. I love that because it's kind of like two looks in one, and the simple neckline in the front would be perfect for a statement necklace. I just wish the skirt was a few inches shorter; it looks like a little dowdy in comparison with the revealing back. This second dress is also a two-for-one sorta thing. You can wear it like it is on the left, with the two straps acting as sleeves, or you can wear it like it is on the right, with the two straps down and giving the skirt a tulip shape. The great thing about that is that the two looks are so different, but both so cute, people will think you're wearing a different dress. Plus, the belt is included. And that's one freaking awesome belt. Both of these are perfect examples of why an LBD doesn't have to be boring.

Artlab Ruffle Tank, $48 at, Artlab Couture Fluted and Stamped tank, $138 at, APC Oversize Dress, on sale for $190 at I love Etsy. It's a great resource for vintage clothes, and a fantastic place to find little, unknown designers like Artlab. How freaking cute are these two tank tops? The tank on the left is perfect because it's a simple, unassuming little wifebeater until you get to the shoulder, and it's like BAM, flowers! I want to wear this with a delicate pendant necklace, tucked into a high-waisted skirt. The bustier-inspired tank is really working for me because it's like wearing a bustier over a tank top, but without any of the hassle. That's like the comfiest way every to add a serious dose of sex appeal to any outfit. And I know that I'm a little slow on this, but MTV is doing an awesome PR stunt by breaking down all the outfits Alexa Chung is wearing on her new MTV show (aka TRL take 2). My fav so far is this APC dress with the sleeves rolled up. It looks warm and cozy, but it's not schlumpy or unflattering at all.

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