Thursday, July 16, 2009

Surprisingly in Love with: Sephora Brilliant Shine Gloss

I'm so not the kind of person that signs up for a store credit card or an insider savings card type thing, but when Sephora came out with the Beauty Insider program I was all over it. I mean, deluxe, free samples from the one place I really, really want samples from? Yes, please. I've lived off those samples (I'm still working on that Anastasia matte highlighter pencil that I got months ago), and they're such a great way to try out new products without any sort of monetary commitment. Well, it turns out that Sephora has an extra special deluxe sample birthday present for Beauty Insiders every year, and since my birthday is on Saturday (18!), I just picked mine up. It might be my favorite free sample ever: a lip gloss trio.

You get three mini Sephora Brand Brilliant Shine Lip Glosses, in Precious Pink, Rosy Glow, and Bronzed Beauty. Sephora describes Precious Pink as barely-there pink shimmer, Rosy Glow as Golden Pink, and Bronzed Beauty as red with gold shimmer. Precious Pink is pale, cotton candy pink with fine gold shimmer. It's really sheer and on the lips it adds a hint of sparkle and sheen, but not much color. Rosy Glow is a golden coral with fine gold shimmer. It has more pigment than Precious Pink, and adds just a touch of pink to my lips. Bronzed Beauty is my favorite. It's a golden berry with gold shimmer, and it gives my lips a berry-stained look that's warm and multi-dimensional because of the shimmer. I love it because it adds a hint of vampy color, but it's still a lip gloss, so it's relaxed and low maintenance. All three of these glosses smell just like cotton candy. They're not at all sticky, have light to medium pigmentation, and are moderately long lasting (and wear off evenly, which is nice). I like the organization of this trio. Precious Pink is great for an easygoing day look, Rosy Glow amps up the color a bit for, say, lunch with girlfriends, and Bronzed Beauty is a great going out gloss. The full-sized lip gloss is $10 at, but the samples are pretty big, so I won't need to repurchase any time soon. I will definitely be stocking up on Bronzed Beauty when I run out though. Surprisingly, vampy lip glosses are turning out to be my favorites. I blame Twilight.

PS: I love that I can use my Macbook as a camera! It makes my life soooo much easier.

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