Sunday, January 25, 2009

SAG Awards Red Carpet

Ok, so I know that the SAG Awards aren't quite as entertaining as the Oscars/Golden Globes, but I'm really bored, so here's what caught my eye on the red carpet. Mostly good, some, well, less than awesome.

Anne Hathaway can really do no wrong. The whole look is very simple, but I think that the delicate earrings and waist/neckline detailing give it just enough oomph, and I love her hair. She just looks comfortable and fabulous. +200000 points for her creepy ex crying in deep, deep regret where ever he is in jail.

Freida Pinto is adorable. And gorgeous. I'm liking this much better than the mustard yellow dress she wore to the Golden Globes, and the blue seems to be very popular for this event. It's very simple, again, but I think a complicated dress would just get in the way of how pretty she is, honestly.

Again, simple and blue, but her gorgeousness makes up for it. Angelia Jolie always looks amazing, and this is no exception. Her hair looks a little awkward, but she's just glowing. Extra points for accessorizing with her tattoos. It wouldn't have worked on anyone else.

I have to be honest, I'm not an Evan Rachel Wood fan. I mean, she dated Marilyn Manson. Seriously? And her hair looks ridiculously brassy, but despite all that, I think the Monique Lhuillier dress has won me over. The deep green looks great against her skin, I love the simplicity with the double strap shoulder detail, and that vintage bird pin is just too cute. Plus, her makeup doesn't look like it belongs on a tranny! Progress!

This makes me sad. I love House. I love Jennifer Morrison. I hate her hair, and I hate this dress. She looks so cute as a brunette! This blonde looks so unnatural! Plus, that dress is just sad. Who wants a dress that drapes over your belly? It looks like she made it out of sheets. Just...why? Why?

And, on a side note, John Krasinski and Amy Poehler's bit while they were presenting just made me laugh so hard I started crying. Love!

This makes me very, very sad. Jenna Fischer is adorable. She is the only person I could bear to watch with my beloved John Krasinski, she is an amazing actress, and she is really pretty. So why, why on earth, is she wearing this sad grey thing? It makes her boobs and shoulders look so awkard, hurts me to say it...but it looks like a maternity dress. I know. Someone needs to help this poor child. Or at least kidnap her stylist.

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