Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mixing Prints: Part Two

Alright, we just saw how cute mixing prints can be in a casual outfit, but it can also be really cute in a slightly more formal ensemble, like the classic little dress and cardigan. I think the key here is mixing a more neutral hued piece with a more brightly colored piece, and mixing either large and small prints or different kinds of prints (like florals and stripes). These outfits would look great with a simple necklace or earrings, and a cute pair of flat leather sandals.

Look One:
Lauren Conrad Dress: about $95. I know, it's "Lauren Conrad," but the big flower print is one, big for spring, and two, very graphic and kind of adorable. It's just a really easy and fun dress, and since it's Lauren Conrad, it's already on sale. Sad, but true.

J. Crew Cardigan: about $88. This cardigan is just so freaking cute! It makes me smile. Yes, the yellow is really bright, but the print isn't too loud. Plus, the dress above is only black and white, so the yellow would be festive, but not jarring. And the whole look is under $300. Score!

Look Two:

Forever 21 Cardigan: about $22.90. Not only is this a surprisingly cute sweater for Forever 21, but it's super cheap and really versatile. Neutral colors and stripes never go out of style.

Phillip Lim Dress: about $550. I'm in love with this dress. It's got a bit of a vintage vibe with the tiny floral print, but the asymmetrical piping on the bodice makes it totally modern. The stripes and the florals work together because both prints are on the quieter side, and they're both in pretty understated colors. This whole outfit has this french girl, chic thing going on that I'm really loving. Leave the sweater unbuttoned, and pair it with a tan leather belt. Adorable!

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