Sunday, January 25, 2009

Currently Lusting After...

These Frye Veronica Slouch Boots. I actually had a dream about them last night, and then saw someone wearing them at this eco-expo I went to today. So I'm thinking that fate is trying to tell me something. Unfortunately, my bank account and fate aren't really on the same page, but I'm working on it.

They're the perfect mix of motorcycle
and equestrian boots. I've always wanted equestrian boots, but having ridden horses for like, twelve years, the idea of wearing riding boots that aren't actually riding boots when I'm not riding kind of freaks me out. So, as you can imagine, these Frye boots are making me all warm and fuzzy inside. They're a pretty timeless style, but with a bit of an edge to them, they'll last forever, and they look fabulous in person. Plus they'd look great with my straight leg jeans, anchoring a floaty dress/skirt, or with some thick tights. Now I just need to find $328 under my couch cushions, and we're good to go!

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