Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Inspired by: The Tudors

I don't know if I've made this clear, but I'm a total history nerd.  I read books about the medieval folklore and 14th century royalty for fun.  Yeah.  I know.  Nerd.  My current fixation is 15th/16th century England, and I blame Phillipa Gregory.  She wrote the book, The Other Boleyn Girl, and a bunch of other books about the War of the Roses and the Tudor Dynasty.  I'm in the middle of those books, and that re-ignited my interested in The Tudors, the TV show. 

While I admire the clothes from a distance (pretty, would not want to wear them), but the jewelry.  Oh, the jewelry.  I'm in the middle of a crazy craving for intense, melodramatic, intense Medieval-ish jewelry, like so:

I do have a few pieces that fit that description.  I have this big crest-like necklace that I may have spilled nail polish all other.  It's very 15th century meets 1980's, no?  That ring is an antique English crest that I got at a flea market for like 5 dollars.  No idea how old it is, although I think it's rather old.  I wear it every day.  It's just fun.  That bracelet was given to me about a month ago by my great aunt.  It's Victorian, and almost 150 years old!  Insane.  It's very over the top and in your face, and I totally love it.

I rounded up a few more Tudors-inspired pieces below.

Mawi Gold-plated Leaf and Skull Pendant Necklace, $520 at net-a-porter.com, Kenneth Jay Lane Swarovski Crystal-Embellished Ring, $150 at net-a-porter.com: I like this necklace a lot.  It's very cheeky.  It looks like a vintage, medieval piece from afar, but when you look more closely you see some modern details, like the skull in the pendant bit.  The shape is so dramatic, that heavy gold chain against the winged out leaves and circle of the pendant.  That ring looks kind of evil in a totally awesome way, no?  All that gunmetal and shiny black is definitely very current, but the overall shape is very traditional.  It's really the perfect cocktail ring--big enough to make a statement, not so big or crazy that it's impractical, the ideal combination of the old and the new.

Erickson Beamon Medieal Swarovski Crystal Necklace, $605 at net-a-porter.com, Mawi Hematite-plated Drop Earrings, $360 at net-a-porter.com: This necklace is so legit.  It's definitely very authentic looking, and very high-drama.  I really like the way it's been styled with that simple white tee.  Vintage looking statement pieces like this can feel a little uptight with cocktail dresses and gowns, but when you pair them with something more casual, they instantly become modern and cheekily glamorous.  I don't really know how much earring wearing went on in those times, but I love the medieval meets punk feel of these drop earrings.  The shape and color combination is very Tudor-esque (green was the Tudor color!  Yep, nerd), but the metallic sheen of the hematite injects a certain modern edge that makes these very appropriate for today.

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  1. Philippa Gregory is my faaaavorite! I just finished "The White Queen" and started reading "The Other Queen". :)

  2. I literally just bought The White Queen and The Other Queen yesterday! Freaky. I just finished the Boleyn Inheritance and I'm working on the Virgin's Lover. It's a problem! I'm totally addicted!

  3. OMG BOOK SOULMATES! I kinda hated Boleyn Inheritance. (Hated The Queen's Fool too, lol.) Have you read The Constant Princess yet? It's wonderful and my favorite of all of hers that I've read. I also liked The Wise Woman but my mom didn't, so that one's hit or miss. I feel like we need to make a book club.

  4. OMG I KNOW THAT'S CRAZY! I was okay with Boleyn Inheritance, Queen's Fool looked just plain bad. Constant Princess is next on my list! I'm totally down for a book club. Have you read Wolf Hall? It's about Henry trading Catherine for Anne but through Cromwell's eyes and it sounds boring but it's really good.

  5. NO! I'm so adding that to my list of things to read now :) Of the two that we each just bought... I liked The White Queen better, but then again, I'm only halfway through The Other Queen so who knows ;)

  6. Yes it's def worth a read, it's a little long but it's so, so worth it. I'm so excited for this Cousin's War/White/Red Queen series! It's making nerdy me so happy :)



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