Friday, August 13, 2010

Spa Day

Today was kind of a fail day.  I keep thinking it's Monday (boo), and on top of that, I have the migraine to end all migraines, and my stomach feels like it's eating itself.  So today is going to be a pamper me day.  I didn't get to actually do all of this stuff today, because I had work (double boo), but if I had the day off and was in a funk, this is what I'd do.

Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask, $6.99 at, Philsophy Trick or Treat Set, $20 at I'd start the day off with a really long bath, preferably with a fluffy, girly book (Bergdorf Blondes, anyone), and a deep conditioning hair treatment.  Shiny hair, after all, is a key part of happy girly feelings, and this Neutrogena hair mask is cheap and has great reviews.  One of my favorite scents in the world is Pumpkin Spice, so I'd go for this Philosophy shower gel duo.  Philosophy gels aren't cheap, but they are nice little, somewhat affordable luxuries.  Plus, how cute is that Halloweeny packaging?  That was a rhetorical question.  SO CUTE. 

Boots Coconut & Hibiscus Body Scrub, $9.99 at, Sephora Brand Cuticle Care Pen, $12 at Now, no spa day would be complete without some exfoliation and moisturizing, and I love a scrub that combines both.  A nice salt scrub like this has salt particles to get rid of dead skin and essential oils to make your skin happy.  It smells like coconut and hibiscus (hello, Staycation) and comes in a giant jar for $10.  I know manicures are standard for spa/pampering days, but why not take it up a notch and throw in some cuticle oil?  Ragged cuticles drag down even a perfect polish application, and massaging your cuticles is such a fun, girly thing to do.  This pen is super portable and spill proof, great to use while watching a movie or reading a book (and it comes in relaxing scents like lavender).

Boots Bronze Shimmer Pearls, $12.99 at, Kiehls Cranberry Lip Balm, $9 at On stay at home spa days, I wouldn't go for a lot of makeup, but if you're already feeling a bit blah, just a touch can work wonders.  Shimmer never fails to make me smile, and a bronzy glow makes anyone look relaxed and happy.  These Boots Shimmer Pearls are a great dupe of the Guerlain Meteorites for a fraction of the cost, and would give a really pretty, multidimensional glow.  I feel like the lip balm is self-explanatory.  Who feels cute with chapped lips?  No one.  These Kiehl's balms are fab because they're really moisturizing, they come in yummy scents like pear and cranberry, and they give a nice, low-maintenance sheen to your lips.  Plus, the tube is much more hygienic than a tub of Vaseline.

Victoria's Secret Hoodie Robe, $49.50 at, Pride & Prejudice: Obviously you're not gonna get all dressed up to sit at home and pamper yourself, but looking sloppy won't help the getting-over-the-funk mission at all.  I'd go for a cute robe like this one.  It's festive and fun, and very cozy, but not at all frumpy.  Plus I'm pretty sure it has rhinestones on it somewhere, and who doesn't love rhinestones in the privacy of their home, far far away from judging eyes?  Hmmmm?  There is no judgment on spa day.  And for the final touch, there has to be a ridiculously romantic, feel good movie.  Personally, I love Clueless, Pretty Woman, Breakfast at Tiffanys, etc, but I'm in a serious Pride & Prejudice mood.  It's cute, it's sophisticated enough not to make me feel bad about watching it, it's pretty, and it's full of pretty people and clothes.  Win-win-win (Office reference?  Anyone?).

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  1. OMG, I had a Kiehl's Cranberry and it accidentally got knocked into my trashcan and thrown out before I realized it. Sad times. Also, I had a headache & tummy troubles today too. Blah Day Twinnerz.

  2. OMG wait did you like it? I'm picking it up tomorrow? That's so sad! :( Very blah day twinsy.

  3. If I used it sparingly, I loved it! :)



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