Thursday, August 26, 2010

Drugstore Steal: NYX Shadows

So a few weeks ago, I had a little shopping spree at Ulta, which is one of the few stores where you can buy NYX.  Now, last time I bought something from NYX it was a total fail, which was mainly my fault.  But I decided to try again, with a more standard product. 

Enter the NYX Single Shadow in Golden Dune, $5.99 at  The amount of shadow you get is comparable to MAC, so it's a really great deal.  It comes in black plastic, snap-top packaging, and the shadow is embossed into four little pyramids.  Golden Dune is a really lovely color that's the lovechild of an antique gold and a warm taupe.  It has a combination of shimmer and metallic sheen.  The first swatch is turned away from the light, so you can get an idea of the color, and the second swatch is in the light, and you can see the metallic sheen.  It flashed sort of green in the photo below, but it doesn't at all in real life.

Alright, now for the dirty details.  In terms of the formula, it's really nice.  Even nicer than I expected it to be.  The shadow is very, very pigmented, it applied smoothly and evenly, and it's extremely finely milled.  The texture reminded me of my softer MAC shadows, and if it has one fault, it's that it is very soft.  So soft that I feel like it could damage it with my shadow brush.  The softness does make it a dream to apply and blend, but you need to be careful when handling it.  The color is absolutely lovely.  On my NW20 skin, it makes a great lid color; it's an easy way to wear gold without wearing GOLD.  On the lids it just looks like a neutral, sandy golden brown.  It's the perfect summer color.  I experienced little to no shimmer fallout, and it wore just as nicely as my MAC shadows.  I have to say, I am really impressed by the quality of this shadow, and I'm a total shadow snob.  NYX has a great range of colors (lots of MAC dupes) and great prices.  If only they had great availability.  Sigh.

Awkward Chic rating: A.  High marks for color and application, but I have some reservations about how soft the shadow is.

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