Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Current Beaty Cravings

I don't know what it is about going back to school soon, but I am in make up buying MODE.  It's getting a little over the top.  So instead of dealing with the 100 things I had bookmarked, I though I'd condense everything I wanted into a post and deal with it that way.  Needless to say, this is a very self-indulgent little post.

Coastal Scents 88 Metal Mania Palette, $24.95 at coastalscents.com, Coastal Scents Synthetic Angle Blush and Define Brush, $7.95 at coastalscents.com: I think all of my fav YouTube beauty gurus have mentioned Coastal Scents once or another.  They're famous for their affordable brushes and 88 shadow palettes.  That's right, 88 shadows.  You get about a dime-sized amount of 88 different shadows.  They have different palettes, like warm, shimmery, neutral, metal, and bright, and the pigmentation is supposed to be almost MAC quality.  Now, I know that a dime-sized amount of shadow seems small, but I think the idea with these is that you get to try a lot of different shadows for a great price.  I can't tell you how many times I've wanted a pink or green or red (etc) shadow, that I really only wanted to use once or twice and didn't want to buy.  This is the perfect compromise.  You can get all the colors that you only want to use occasionally, and in a travel-sized palette.  I'm leaning towards the Metal Mania palette.  It has a wide range of colors, and they all have beautiful, metallic sheens.  Delish.  This is so perfect for college--I can just take that to the bathroom with me instead of struggling with like 10 MAC shadows and dropping ALL my limited editions ones.  :(  I really want a cheek contour brush.  I like my MAC 188 for that, but it's always dirty about doing my foundation, and that does weird things to my contour powder.  A cheap angled brush like this is perfect.  It's affordable, it's the right size and shape for enhancing cheek bones, and again, it's cheap.

Lea Michele at the Teen Choice Awards: I think Lea Michele is just consistently gorgeous, but for some reason, her hair here is totally killing me.  It's structured, but at the same time loose and wavy, and very soft and natural looking.  And when you add the cat eye liner on top--oof, I'm having beauty envy.  This actually has nothing to do with things I want to buy, it's just really pretty.

Fyrinnae shadows: Rapunzel Had Extensions, $5.90 at fyrinnae.com, STFU, $5.90 at fyrinnae.com, Kung Pao, $5.90 at fyrinnae.com: I've been eying Fyrinnae shadows for almost a year now, and the reason I didn't cave before was that I didn't know if I could work with loose shadows.  And now I'm totally obsessed with loose shadows and may like them even more than pressed shadows (I know, I know), and Fyrinnae is totally fab.  It's a really small boutique company, run by a few guys, and they make loose shadows in the craziest shadows--lots of glitters and duochromes.  You get 3 grams of product in a little jar, which is a lot for the price (MAC pigments are 4.5 g for $19.50).  The only downside is that from the time you order to the time you get the products is about a month.  Boo.  But look at how pretty they are!  And the hilarious names are just the icing on the cake.  Rapunzel Had Extensions would be a really pretty lid color, it's just a peachy-pink that flashes gold in sunlight.  STFU (hehe) is a deep copper with copper sparkle.  Copper is my new favorite shadow, and this is such a lovely incarnation--it doesn't flash too red or too orangey.  Kung Pao is just drop dead gorgeous.  Charcoal brown/taupe with pinky red shimmer.  Omigosh.  It seems like a great, versatile neutral, and then BAM, there's a shot of warm sparkle.  I'm thinking I'll order a few of these with my last paycheck, get them at school, and hopefully do a review within the next month and a half?

Images from: coastalscents.com, coastalscents.com, glamour.com, fyrinnae.com, fyrinnae.com, fyrinnae.com.


  1. If you're loving loose shadows, check out Aromaleigh. What sucks is that they're closing in 4 days. What's awesome is that you can get stuff on sale and then apply the coupon code "adieu35" for 35% off your whole order. I just placed my first (and only) order, because I've heard they're awesome, so I may as well just try while it's cheapo. :)

  2. I just heard about them! I'm kind of scared to order from them and then fall in love with something and never be able to get it again...but that's a big discount...

  3. Yeah, I was afraid of that too but like... whatever. I figure I'll never go through them that fast so it'll last a good few years and by then, I might be in love with something else ;)

  4. Which ones did you get? They have some really fab vampy colors that I'm eying.

  5. From the En Pointe collection: Tutu, Aurora, Callipoe. From Carolina Summer: Heron. From Victoria's Revenge: Freakshow. :)

  6. Ooooh those are pretty. I really like Freakshow (and the name is pretty awesome too lol). Is it 10% + the 35% off?



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