Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Currently Loving: OPI's Diva of Geneva

Yeah, I know, more nail polish.  I'll keep it short and sweet, I promise, it was just so pretty that I had to show y'all.  I hit up Ulta this weekend (more on that later), and made an immediate beeline for the OPI Swiss collection.  I went in really looking to get Glitzerland, a pretty antiqued/champagne gold, but in the store Diva of Geneva totally knocked my socks off.

Let me just start by saying that I'm really not a berry-toned person.  I don't own berry-toned anything.  But this polish...oof.  It's what I always wanted from vampy polishes, it's dark enough to make a statement, but it's still vibrant enough that you get a lovely flash of color.  It's a warm, purpley-berry with gold and fuchsia shimmer, and when I say shimmer, I mean SHIMMER.  This is one of those polishes that is as shimmery in the bottle as it is on your fingers.  When I sent my roommate a picture of the bottle, she told me not to spend all day staring at my sparkly nails.  And I spent all day staring at my sparkly nails.  I lost the sunlight to show all the shimmer-fire, so for better swatches click here.

Ignore the crappy manicure, it was done literally in the dark over a week old manicure of topcoat.  No joke.  This polish applies perfectly with two coats, no streaking or texture issues at all.  I think this would be equally gorgeous on fingers and toes.  I just really have nothing like it.  It's so sophisticated and chic, but at the same time it's really, really festive and fun.  I can see myself going through an entire bottle of this, and I've never done that with a polish before.  I highly recommend it.  To see the rest of the collection, check out these swatches.  I'm not a green/teal polish person, but I'm totally eying Cuckoo for this Color.

Awkward Chic rating: A+.  Fab color, fab product. and available right now at Ulta.


  1. That one is on my wish list from that collection! Glad to hear it's as amazing as it looks.

    Speaking of nail polish...

    Edit: my word verification for this comment was "givit." How appropriate.

  2. It's tied with Cajun Shrimp for my new fav polish. That's love.

    Oooooh I love all those taupey colors! I also need the one called Knotty. It doesn't even matter what color it is.



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