Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Monday Ramble

It's Monday.  My brain is still adjusting to that evil fact.  So here's a ramble of the things that caught my attention today.

Megan Fox at the Teen Choice Awards: Megan Fox in the new Rihanna video?  Odd.  Megan Fox in this Balenciaga-inspired outfit on the red carpet?  Awesome.  I really like how she toned down the usual bombshell look she goes for and instead went for something casual and elegant.  The draped, high-waisted skirt is very Balenciaga 2009, and the short hemline contrasts well with the high-neckline.  Overall, it's a really flattering, refreshing ensemble, and those shoes...omnomnom.

Marc Jacobs Paradise Rio Bowler, $995 at barneys.com: I'm not generally a fan of Marc Jacobs bags.  Often they're so trend-driven and even (gasp) tacky.  But this bag totally hits the mark.  The shape is very classic, just a standard satchel/doctor's bag, and the black makes it quite versatile, but the subtle details add a bit of a modern edge.  The rings at the ends of the handles, the tiny lock, and the side zippers liven this basic bag up to make it the sort of wardrobe staple that you're always excited to wear, because it livens up any outfit.  If you're got some cash to burn and are looking for a great workhouse bag, this one's for you.

Joie Claude Dress, $298 at shopbop.com: As much as I admire the kind of girls that can pile on piece after piece and instead of looking bulky, look insanely elegant and chic (see Mary-Kate Olsen), that's not a look that really works for me, or one that I have the patience for.  My favorite outfits are often composed of just a few, simple pieces that work perfectly together.  This dress is one of those kinds of pieces.  It's also the perfect weekend dress.  The silk/jersey fabric is nice and light, both comfy and great for summertime.  The blousiness of the cut is flattering and balanced out nicely by the short hemline, and the clean lines of the dress are softened by the cascade of ruffles down the bodice.  You could throw on this, a nice menswearish belt, and a structured sweater or jacket, and you have a fantastic outfit with the bare minimum number of pieces.

Images from: glamour.com, talkabouthandbags.com, shopbop.com.


  1. Megan Fox's shoes are to DIE for... but she's looking a little like a wax model of herself in the face! What's going on with that?!

  2. OMG I was going to say that but I was like "no, Megan, you're just being mean, she probably looks fine to everyone else." But yes! She does look like a wax statue! I think it's the makeup job?

  3. E! criticized her outfit, but I'm so happy you wrote about it cause I really liked it. I think it's different from the traditional mini. yayy so happy to see that posttt.

  4. yeah E! and I disagree a lot haha no I really like it! It's really refreshing and fun, but still appropriate



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