Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Underwear as Outerwear

I know it's going to be campy and silly, but I'm really excited to see Easy A, which comes out in September.  It's a modern version of the Scarlet Letter, and all the social stereotypes aside, I'm loving the wardrobe.  Emma Stone wears a LOT of bustier tops with jeans and skirts to school.  I think they're trying to prove a point about how she acts like a whore, but...I really like the whole bustier as outerwear thing.  I would actually totally wear it.

I think to tone down the sexy-factor for real life/daytime, I'd pair a buster with a high-waisted skirt and style it down, rough it up a bit more with menswearish accessories.  I rounded up a few bustiers that might work outside the bedroom below:

J. Crew Liberty Bustier Cami, $159.99 at, Arden B. Pinstripe Lace Trim Bustier, $19.50 at J. Crew delivers with an adorable, girly meets preppy meets vintage-inspired bustier that would be perfect for the girl that wants to try a bustier top, but is sort of terrified by the idea.  And you can always layer a tee underneath, even if it kind of contradicts the point of wearing a bustier in the first place.  If you're totally on board with the bustier idea and ready to go all out, this Arden B. bustier fits the bill (and the bill, by the way, is crazy low).  It's a little French Maid-ish, but it could be styled down with a cute cardigan and an a-line skirt to be more wearable.

Surreptious Corset, $68 at, Bustier Set, $58 at This Anthropologie corset is my favorite, and the fave of one my blogger friends, Caroline over at ChicCred.  It's so Parisian Chic a la Moulin Rouge, refined but insanely sexy in a mysterious, girly way.  All those little bows would be adorable peeking out over the top of a pencil skirt.  I die.  For a more retro look, this Victoria's Secret bustier is fab.  I've been craving this one for ever (you also get a garter belt with it...just FYI?), and the contrast of the red with the lace-up sides and the bows is just too cute.  It also comes in pink with black polka dots, for a less intense look.

La Perla Lace-Back Bustier, $332 at, Pins and Needles Floral Bustier Bodysuit, $38 at How could I do a bustier round-up without including La Perla?  No possible.  It looks boring from the front, but the back is all white lace, perfect for making an entrance and an exit.  I'd pair this with a navy blue pencil skirt, just to keep it really simple and have all the focus on the back.  I know this last one is a bodysuit, but worn with a high-waisted skirt it just looks like a bustier.  I like the combination of the floral print and the lingerie cut, a little bit grunge and a little bit Lolita.

Topshop Lace Pocket Cupro Skirt, 38 Euros at, Topshop Zippy Flippy Skirt, 30 Euros at I'd pair two types of skirts with this: either a pencil skirt, preferably one with a little volume, and an a-line skirt.  If you go for something to short or too tight, you'll end up looking a bad way.  Not that there's anything wrong with looking like a high-priced escort, because I'm sure they have great clothes, but maybe not at lunchtime.  This first skirt is very demure, in a grown-up, elegant way.  The lace trim ties into the boudoir feel, and the volume at the hips balances out all the fitted sexiness of the bustier top perfectly.  To go for a younger, more festive vibe, I'd try an a-line skirt like this one.  The flippiness of the skirt contracts with the bustier, and the zippers add a bit of an edge to contrast with all the girliness on top.

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  1. love love love that you made a link to my blog. maybe more people will read it now haha. I'm dying to see that movie as well.



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