Thursday, August 19, 2010

Inspired by: Pushing Daisies

I love Netflix.  Aside from the whole delivering DVDs to your house thing, Netflix has this GIANT online database of tv shows and movies that you get to watch free online with your subscription.  Netflix just put up seasons 1 and 2 of Pushing Daisies, which I love to death and everyone should watch.  The female lead, played by Anna Friel, wears these adorable vintage-style sundresses, which got me thinking about retro sundresses (which I seem to do a lot) so I rounded some up.

Here's Anna Friel in Pushing Daisies:

All dresses from Modcloth:

Feeling Bubbly Dress, $79.99 at, Behind the Seams Dress, $53.99 at Bustier inspired top?  Check.  Versatile color?  Check.  Cute detailing?  Check.  Yep, this first dress is a winner.  It's summery, it's playful, it's flattering, and it's sweetly retro without looking outdated.  Ah, Modcloth, I love you.  For a slightly sassier look, this polkadot/zippered dress is a fun option.  It has the same bustier top, a-line skirt combination, but the contrast between the vintagey pattern and modern zipper makes this an updated version of a '50s classic.

Somebody Remembers Dress, $94.99 at, Grey-tful To Be Your Dress, $54.99 at Somebody Remembers dress?  Cutest name!  This dress is a cute study in contrasts; the contrast between the sweetheart neckline and fitted torso, and the girly floral print and rustic, braided belt.  I'm really feeling shirtdresses for the transition between fall and winter, and this retro-inspired shirtdress is so fab.  The softly rolled up sleeves balance out the flouncy skirt, the cinched-in waist is very flattering, and the washed out grey hue ensures that it'll go with anything.

Save the Date Dress, $99.99 at, Dangerously Stylish Dress, $149.99 at Save the date!  Oh, these names.  Anyways, this is the most retro of the bunch, very Mad Men with the wide straps and sweetheart neckline, and the voluminous skirt.  The hothouse floral print is so festive and summery, it just makes me want to bounce around and drink sweet tea.  Which is actually what I'm doing right now.  Go figure.  This last dress is my personal favorite.  Hello, leopard print.  The luxe print is tempered down by the clean lines of the dress, and the cut is so perfectly retro against the modern leopard print.

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  1. Ned the Piemaker is in my top 5 dreamiest TV men.

  2. Very, very, very sadly, Lee Pace does not like girls. Cue sad face.

  3. I'm aware. This is not stopping me. Just like the fact that David from Buffy/Angel & Bones having a wife and being kind of a creep isn't stopping me.

  4. Haha I'm glad we have equally tenuous grasps on reality. I'm equally in denial about the fact that Zachary Quinto and Wentworth Miller are gay. I'll still stalk them if the opportunity arises.



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