Friday, August 6, 2010

Inspired by: Burlesque

I'm so excited for this.  There's a movie coming out in November with Christina Aguilera, CHER, Kristen Bell, and Cam Gigandet that's about a beginning Burlesque dancer.  It basically looks like an hour and a half long version of the Lady Marmalade section of Moulin Rouge.  So basically campy times like a million, and hilariously awesome, and probably full of ridiculous hair and makeup.  Success.  In case y'all don't know what I'm talking about, here's the trailer.

In honor of that film that I will most certainly be seeing over Thanksgiving break, I pulled together a couple of burlesque-inspired pieces, very high-drama, girly, boudoir appropriate.

Giuseppe Zanotti Slingback Pumps, $650 at, L.A.M.B. Dawna Pumps, $162.50 at These shoes are KILLING me.  I mean, lace and animal print are both very classic burlesque, and I think the platforms add that stripper quotient.  The pink/lace heels are sexy, but very girly and cheeky, with their slight peep toe.  I mean, those shoes are hawt.  The zebra ones are a little more in-your-face and over the top.  The zebra is high impact already, but the zippers add that extra bit of edginess that really take these to another level.  I think even pairing these heels with a simple outfit, like jeans and a tee, would totally add a burlesque vibe.

Falke: Donna Thigh Highs, $59 at, Heel Thigh Highs, $46 at I think the thigh highs are a really obvious choice, but still a fun one.  They definitely scream burlesque, but if styled correctly they don't have to be all 'Jenny Humphrey.'  The striped ones on the left are a litte more high drama/'20s inspired, whereas the thigh highs on the right are more subtly sexy.  I'd say that the best way to wear these in public without looking like an actual stripper would be to wear them with something that just covers the top of the thigh highs.  That way they just look like sexy tights, but if you sit down or your dress/skirt moves around a bit, you get just a glimpse of their thigh high nature. 

Free People Easy Corset Slip Dress, $68 at, Alice + Olivia Roxanna Bustier Dress, $396 at That dress on the right is very, very burlesque.  It basically looks like a corseted slip, and while I think it would need to be styled down a lot to be wearable, but it does get the point across.  I think it would be great with an outdoorsy parka and some heavy platforms or boots, but if you really, really wanted to be totally burlesque, wear it with a trench coat.  This white dress is a little more practical.  The bustier top hints at the burlesque theme, as does the body-con fit, but the white hue and simple lines tone down all that sexiness nicely, making this very appropriate for public consumption.  I'd do it with a sparkly, dramatic necklace--very Dita Von Teese.

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