Thursday, August 5, 2010

Breaking News: Emma Watson Got a Haircut

That title is only 98% sarcastic.  Today's a slow day for me inspiration-wise, so I thought I'd show you what Emma Watson has decided to do to her hair.

Just for reference, this is what her hair used to look like:

And this is what her hair looks like now.  I included Mia Wasikowska on the right just for some pixie cut reference.  I have mixed feelings about this haircut.  I feel like pixie cuts are really, really hard to pull off, and while Emma Watson does look cute, and she certainly has the face to pull it off, I feel like it really ages her.  I just don't feel like it suits her overall look/personal style.  It makes a lot more sense on Mia, no?  But Emma does look a little like fellow British icon, Twiggy.  Thoughts, anyone?

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  1. Mia Farrow look alike, is this a trend?

  2. hey rodger! i think it's been gaining momentum for the last five years or so, and suddenly it's all over the place!

  3. Cute but... not for her. I liked the mid-length on her actually! I feel like not many people just have medium length hair, and it was gorgeous on her. Thumbs almost down.

  4. i agree! she pulled off the mid-length cut so nicely, and then BAM--mia farrow wannabee.



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