Friday, August 27, 2010

Inspired by: Love Over Scotland/Plaid

Alright y'all, so I'm still in Hawaii.  I've been doing a lot of beach reading, and I wanted to do a post about one of my current favorite series.  It's called 44 Scotland Street, by Alexander McCall Smith, and it's adorable.  There are the kinds of beach reads are like candy bars--yummy, but you know they're trash, and there are the kinds of beach reads that are more like a red velvet cupcake, still little and cute, but a bit more sophisticated.  This is the latter.  These books are short, easy reads, very light hearted and sweet, but they're really well written and unique.  They center around the lifes of a group of people who all, at one point, lived in an apartment building in Scotland.  There's a precocious six year old and a 60 year old female anthropology, and everything in between, so there's something for everyone.

Love Over Scotland and The Unbearable Lightness of Scones by Alexander McCall Smith: Here are two of the books in the series.  Yeah, one of the is called The Unbearable Lightness of Scones.  If that doesn't make you smile, the Grinch is missing you over in Whoville.

Anyways, the point of all this was that all that talk of Scotland was making me start to crave plaid (I know, I'm on a Hawaiian beach, and all I want is plaid and scones.  I'm crazy).  I picked out a few plaid pieces, and I really tried to go beyond the usual plaid boyfriend button-up and find some more unique pieces.

Joie Plaid Somalia Dress, $228 at, Joie Yarn Plaid Vanette Tank, $74 at Taking the usual boyfriend flannel and turning it into a dress is a fun take on wearing your boyfriend's shirt in a public appropriate sort of way.  The belt is included, and adds a much needed emphasis to your waist.  This tank might be my favorite piece.  It's loose and drapey, very Alexander Wang, but the faded plaid adds a casual, countryish vibe to it.  The row of buttons down the front feminizes it just enough.  I'd pair it with some straight leg jeans and statement necklace.

J. Crew Tomboy Plaid Shirt, $72 at, J. Crew Wool and Cotton Plaid Scarf, $54 at So I did one button-up, just to show that if you do it in a different, girlier color palette it doesn't have to scream 1995 grunge.  The white/gray/pink color palette is fun and feminine, and adds a really interesting twist to the usually boyish look.  This scarf has the same color palette, and it's equally gorgeous.  I love light wool scarves--they're really light and airy, but at the same time when it gets cold, they'll keep you super warm.  The muted colors make it the ideal complement to a lot of different looks, but I think I'd wear it with a pair of dark wash jeans, some knee-high leather boots, and a plain white v-neck.

McQ Wool Cable-Knit Biker Jacket, $365 at, Crumpet Checked Cashmere Cardigan, $695 at Okay, so this first sweater isn't plaid, but to be fair, in the books they talk a lot about Fair Isle/heavily knitted sweaters, and this reminded me of those, but a fab modern version.  The cable knit definitely screams old school/my grandma knitted this for me, but the biker jacket cut and big zipper add a much needed badass quotient for something that's really comfy, but still makes a statement.  The cut of this Crumpet sweater is perfect.  It has all the ease of a cardigan with all the oomph of a motorcycle jacket, and it's so easy to wear.  The blown-up checks are a fun riff on plaid, and the black and white color combo is so graphic and fun, and a great contrast to the loose shape of the sweater.  And yeah, it's $700,'s cashmere?  It's like having baby kittens hug you all day.

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