Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fyrinnae Shoppings!

Alright y'all, I caved.  I bought some Fyrinnae shadows.  I was trying to hold out til the next paycheck, but I really wanted to be sure that they would get here before I left for school at the end of August (although I was chatting with one of the Fyrinnae guys on Twitter, and he said that the processing time is usually just a week, not the three/four weeks it says on their website).

If you spend more than $20, you get free shipping.  The full sized shadows are $5.90, and the sample sized jars are $2.  I spent almost $22, and got three full sized shadows (Species 8472, Okapi, and Rapunzel) and two sample sized shadows (Montalivet and Monarch Butterfly).  That's about 11 grams of shadow for $22, and a MAC pigment costs about that with shipping, and you get 4.5 grams.  So it's a really nice deal.  I'll do some extensive swatching when I get these in a few weeks, I promise.

Species 8472, $5.90 at, Okapi, $5.90 at Species 8472 is described as a sandy taupe with soft red sparkles, and was a collaboration between Joeybunny from Pink Sith and Fyrinnae.  It's so gorgeous.  I love the combination of the nice, neutral taupe with that pop of pinkish shimmer on top--so multidimensional and lovely.  I've actually been trying to make this look at home, layering MAC Pink Opal pigment on top of a taupe NYX shadow I have, and having an already done version would be nice.  Okapi is described as rich mahogany burgundy with gold shimmer, and swatches a little redder than it looks in the photo.  I'm super excited for this one, because it seems like it'll be a nice, dark crease shade, but it's interesting in that it's so warm and shimmery.  I'm trying to get more warm shades, just because I have such warm skin.  Those pretty, cool taupes look great in the pan but ridiculously ashy on me. (The Fyrinnae site is being a poop, so I couldn't get a picture of Okapi).

Montalivet, $5.90 at, Monarch Butterfly, $5.90 at Montalivet is a soft, shimmery golden-copper beige, and it was the last minute addition I got to get the free shipping.  It seems like it will be a nice, neutral lid shade, sort of like Stila's Kitten, but a bit less frosty.  It might make a really pretty highlight, too.  I got the sample size of Monarch Butterfly,which is a deep black with hues of glowing reddish copper shimmer, because it's so dark that I know I won't use it a lot or that much of it.  But it's so darn pretty, I had to have it to make some crazy smokey eyes.  It reminds me of Halloween!

Rapunzel Had Extensions, $5.90 at Rapunzel is a golden pink-peach, and that name is just awesome.  Very cheeky, I like it.  I got this because I like pinky shadows to bring out the green in my hazel eyes, and this is a really flattering shade of pink, not the kind of pink that makes you look like you have pink eye.  The gold shimmer is just a really lovely bonus.  Who doesn't love gold shimmer?  Crazy people, that's who.

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