Saturday, August 14, 2010

Friday Inspirations

One of the things that really frustrates me about magazines is that it takes so, so long to change the address on your subscription.  So I had all my mags going to school, and since it would take almost the whole summer to change the address, I just left them with that address.  That means I haven't gotten any mags all summer.  :(  I was doing really well, but I had a bit of a breakdown and grabbed the September issue of Marie Claire, which I normally don't read.  However, this issue had a TON of fab photoshoots, and since today was a blah Friday, I thought I'd post a few inspiring pics to make for a fabber weekend.

I'm not usually a fan of Olsen twin style, but the way Mary Kate was styled in this shoot was pitch perfect.  Very romantic, lots of faux fur and chiffon layers, and sexy, in a very layered way.  I think my favorite shots are the last two; the sheer black is so Addams family meets burlesque, and that red dress is so perfect paired with the nude faux fur.  I think red and nude might be my new favorite color combo, and those two silhouettes play so nicely together...sigh.

Anouck Lepere: I'm having such serious hair envy.  That slightly wavy, rumpled texture is so perfect and casually hot, and so nothing my hair will ever do.  Boo.  The clothes on this shoot were equally fab, very Alexander Wang meets military.  I especially love the combo of the plaid and the faux fur leopard.  It seems like it would be too over the top and wouldn't work, but for some reason, it totally does.

She's A Lady:  This shoot reminds me of a modern Betty Draper on steroids.  It's a little Grey Gardens, with the layers and layers and furs and layers, but it's so damn chic.  If y'all can't tell, I'm really feeling the luxe layers.  I feel like after so many seasons of sleeveless and mini dresses, it might be fun to play with being a little more covered up.  It might even be sexier to show less skin--crazy, I know.  Also that floral dress belongs on my body.

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