Friday, August 13, 2010

Inspired by: Bright Star

I finally got around to seeing Bright Star, a movie that came out recently about the life of John Keats (the poet) and his gf, played by Abbie Cornish.  I'm not going to give away the plot, but I do want to talk about the clothes.  The color palette of the film was really interesting, very dramatically light and full of washed out jewel tones and neutrals, and interesting patterns.  It reminded me a bit of Joe Wright, but less luxurious, a little more stark.  She supposedly makes all of her own clothes, and she wears quite a lot of draping, washed out silks and sheer fabrics.  Here are some screen caps:

Did I mention that she's very into sleeves?  This movie is FULL of sleeves.  All the time, insane sleeves.  Anyways, I picked out a few pieces that reminded me of Bright Star.

Georgie Bianca Dress, $205 at, Georgie Dylan Top, $136 at, Tibi Viola 3/4 Sleeve Dress, $368 at I know this dress is a little '70s, but the sleeves and the silky fabric are spot on, as is the washed out black hue and high neckline.  I'm really loving mini dresses with long sleeves, very sexy without being too revealing.  The blousiness of the dress is very similar to dresses she wears throughout the film, but it's nicely modernized by the shorter hemline.  This top is in a similar vein, in a lovely faded navy and a fab drapey cut.  Even though the film is set in the 19th century, the wardrobe was surprisingly modern in a minimalist way.  This last dress is my favorite.  The watercolor pattern is very romantic, which is fitting since Keats was a Romantic poet (hehe), and the cut is just so perfect, so whimsical and yet so restrained.

Joie Mesa Top, $99 at, Equipment Adelaide Washed Silk Blouse, $168 at, J. Crew Silk Scalopa Cami, $78 at As for shirts, obviously she wears mostly dresses in the movie, but I think silky blouses and button-ups fit the same aesthetic very neatly.  She does wear some interesting, intricate patterns in the film, like the pattern on this Joie top, and the sheerness ties in nicely as well.  The masculinity of the button-up silhouette contrasts all that to create a really versatile piece (and did I mention that it's on sale?).  The off-white incarnation of that button-up is little cleaner and more minimalist, and I love the cropped length.  It keeps the oversized cut from being overwhelming.  I think the silk tank is my favorite version of this look.  It's very modern and chic, in an Alexander Wang meets Chloe sort of way, and is the perfect canvas for a ton of different looks.  Wear it alone for a cleaner vibe, or toss on some statement necklaces for a more casual glam feel.

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