Thursday, August 5, 2010

Today's Lust Object

Maybe it's because I secretly/subconsciously want to be a circus ringmaster, but I love this coat.  It's also almost $7,000, which is why it's a lust object and not a realistic, 'I could almost buy this' sorta thing.

Balmain Wool Double-Breasted Coat, $6,960 at Doesn't it kind of look like a circus/military/equestrian coat?  Doesn't that make it even more awesome?  I love the high drama of the cut, with the large collar, gold buttons, and the slight curve outward at the hip.  It's a really flattering cut, and a really versatile cut.  Can't you just see it spicing up a basic jeans/tee combo, but looking equally perfect with a cocktail dress?  I mean, when you're paying $7,000 for a coat, it had better go with everything.

Side note: this totally hits fall's minimalist military trend.

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