Thursday, August 5, 2010

Somebody Got a Face Lift!

Nope, it's not me.  I hope y'all didn't think it would be me.  I'm 19.  That would be creepy.

The blog got a rather drastic face lift!  If you've been reading this for a while, you know that I have a short, short, short attention span.  I like to change things a lot.  I wanted something a little more grown-up and festive and fun, so I went with this lovely background (a Chanel campaign pic) and the transparent post background.  If y'all absolutely hate it or find it really hard to read, please comment and tell me all about it.  I want it to be fun looking, but I don't want the blog template to totally distract from the content.  (PS: if you tried to read the blog between 8PM and 9PM today, I'm sure you saw the hilarious number of backgrounds and colors tried out and were confused to death, and I'm sorry).

In other news, The Rachel Zoe Project is baccccckkkkkkkk!  I heart that show.  Rachel is hilarious, her husband Rodger is hilarious, her assistant Brad is precious, and the clothes...oh, the clothes.

Bradley and Rachel.  So adorbs.  Does anyone else watch this?  If you don't, you really, really should.

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