Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Outfit of the Day/New Jeans!

Okay, so this isn't EXACTLY what I wore today, but it would have been what I'd have worn if it wasn't like 90 degrees.  And I wanted to show off my new J Brand jeans.  Wootwoot.

I found a new bathroom mirror to stand in front of!  I'm always home alone when I take these pics, hence the resorting to sad mirror photos.  Next year I'll have my roommates take them, I promise.  Here I'm wearing a Walter leather jacket, Wildfox Couture tee, Tiffany's necklace and bracelent, J Brand straight leg jeans, and Frye Melissa boots.

Haha, so, these jeans.  I got them on eBay for around $50, which is a great deal for J Brand.  I got them in my usual J Brand size.  Maybe it's the cut or the wash, but these run SO SMALL.  It took me five minutes to get them on the first time.  If they weren't so stretchy it would be a lost cause.  Once they're on they look great.  They're straight leg, so not quite skinny jeans, and they're really perfect for tucking into boots.  Don't these almost look like jeggings?  I paired them with the leather jacket and pink tee because I feel like the leather jacket continues the edgy vibe of the jeans, and then the loose pink tee throws in another silhouette and a little bit of spunk/irony.


  1. Hi, please be my stylist and dress me like this daily. Oh, and we'll be needing to win the lottery to make this happen.

  2. ok: you start on fixing the national lottery and i'll start gettin some ideas together. sound like a plan? lols



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