Friday, August 20, 2010

Fyrinnae Haul!!!!!

My Fyrinnae order came today in the mail.  All I have to say about that is OMG)(&(&YKJHKJYIGJKKU BRAIN EXPLOSION DUE TO SPARKLES.  Shipping/processing took about a week and half, much less than the website says that it would.  Now, on to the good stuff.  Warning: lots of sparkly pictures ensue.

The samples are $2, and the full-sized jars are around $5.90.  I got full sizes of Species 8472, Okapi, and Rapunzel Had Extensions, samples of Montalivet and Monarch Butterfly, and a free sample of Samhain Spirits.  The jars are about 1 inch in diameter, and the sample jars are a little shorter than the regular jars.  At first, I was surprised by how small they are, but honestly, they're $6.  I'm used to MAC pigment jars, which are bigger but $14 more expensive.  The Fyrinnae pigments are more tightly packed than MAC pigments, so you are getting more than you think.

Top to bottom and left to right: Samhain Spirits, Monarch Butterfly, Montalivet, Species 8472, Okapi, Rapunzel Had Extensions.  Loving the zebra packaging!  Also, the invoice had a little 'thank you!' hand written in gel pen.  Not a big deal, but a cute little touch. :)

First off, guys, this stuff is sparkly.  Like the sparkliest shadows I've ever seen.  I applied all of them dry, and haven't had time to test the wear time yet, but they are highly pigmented and go on very smoothly.  I think if you want maximum color/sparkle payoff, you need to apply them wet and foil them.  Also, when you try to blend them out too much they will begin to lose shimmer and color payoff, so you have to be careful with that.  You can't just swipe these on your lid and forget about it, you need to pat them on gently.  Trust me, the extra sparkle is worth the effort.

Samhain Spirits: So this was the free sample.  I love that I spent $20 and got a sizeable free sample in a color that goes so well with the rest of the stuff I purchased.  It might be delusional, but I feel like they actually put effort into picking my sample.  Love.  Samhain Spirits is a golden-copper-mauve with copper shimmer.  It's actually really, really gorgeous, dark enough to contour--but not too dark--and full of multi-dimensional sparkles.  I almost bought this, and now I'm really sad that I didn't.

Monarch Butterfly: I think it's fascinating that this shadow looks so grey-brown in the pot and when you swatch it it's 100% black with orangy-red sparkles.  It's really stunning, and I'm so, so glad that I ordered it.  I'm thinking of layering this with Carbon and Vainglorious (when I get it) to create the ultimate warm smokey eye.  Update: I just applied this, and hot damn, it's a dream to work with.  If you blend it out, it becomes a warm grey, which means you really only need one color to create dimension.

Montalivet: I think this one is my least favorite.  I still really like it, and it was a definite afterthought just to get the free shipping.  It's a sandy gold with a highly metallic, gold sheen.  It's very pretty, but my skin has such yellow undertones that this pulls very, very yellow on me.  I think it'll make a nice lid wash, but it might also make me look really sallow, so we'll see.

Species 8472: This is the shadow that Joeybunny (from Pink Sith) created with Fyrinnae.  It's a sandy-brown taupe with red shimmer, and almost looks like a fire opal in the pot.  It pulls a little greyish on me, but it's so, SO PRETTY.  It's flattering, it's neutral but still interesting and unique, and it seems like it'll be really versatile.  This was also the one shadow that blended out really nicely, without fading.  This on the lid with a warm brown in the crease--perfection.

Okapi: Okapi is exactly what I thought it would be, a bronzy burgundy with multi-hued shimmer.  It does look a lot like MAC's Vainglorious does in swatches, but it's a little warmer and has rainbow shimmer instead of copper shimmer.  I'm all over this one.  I think it's bronzy enough to not make me look like I have pinkeye, but warm enough to bring out the green in my hazel eyes.  Total winner.

Rapunzel Had Extensions: I struggled so much with describing and photographing this one.  In the jar it looks like a light, yellow-pink.  Swatched, in non-direct sunlight it has a golden sheen, in straight on sunlight it's a metallic gold, and when it's in the sun but not in 100% direct sunshine, it's a blue-ish pink with gold shimmer.  Phew, that's a lot of things in one.  I'm the most excited about this one, because I think it'll be a gorgeous lid color.

I just got these today and I'm going on vacay, so I haven't tried these on yet, but once I have and have access to a computer, I'll update this post with how the shadows wear, etc, etc.  But overall, I'm totally loving these Fyrinnae shadows.  I love the selection, I love the swatches on the website and how the Fyrinnae boys will respond to your tweets, and I love that they pack a ridiculous amount of sparkle into such a small jar.  These make me feel like I'm sitting at the makeup kids cool table.  I put off ordering from Fyrinnae for literally, almost a year, just because I was scared I wouldn't know what to do with the pigments, but guys, YOU NEED THESE.  These are game changing.


  1. they all look so pretty and pigmented!

  2. they are so pigmented! i was scared that they wouldn't apply well dry, because everyone kept telling me to put them on wet, but they went on so nicely!

  3. great post! they do actually coordinate your sample with your order too! I love them!



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