Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Confession: I Like Men's Cologne. Also Polo.

It's been documented that I like guy's cologne.  Sometimes I feel like perfume can just get too sweet and too strong, and I want something clean and crisp and fresh, and a lot of times that ends up being cologne.  I've never actually had them go 'manly' on me, they tend to react differently with your skin chemistry, so even though it's meant for a guy, it'll still smell a little girly. 

The king of all colognes is Ralph Lauren.  They make Double Black, which was officially my favorite cologne of all time, but they just released a set of Big Pony colognes.  Um first: I LOVE PONIES.  I have a pony.  And Ralph Lauren is using actual polo players for models and promoting polo as a sport, which involves PONIES, so overall it's pony love.  And second, they actually sound like they smell sort of awesome.  I haven't actually tried them yet, but it's first thing on my errand list, believe me.  Anyways, there are four colognes in this little collection, each one with a different attitude.

But first, here's the current Ralph Lauren Polo model.  Who actually plays polo.  His name is Nacho.  Um, Nacho is hawt.  That is all.

 Big Pony #1, $50 at, Big Pony #2, $50 at So #1 is the 'athletic' one, and it has lime, grapefruit and mandarin.  I think this one might be my favorite.  It sounds brisk and tropical, the perfect combination of sweet and crisp, and so perfect for those hot days when you want something fruity, but not too sweet.  #2 is the 'seductive' one, with dark chocolate and musk.  I can totally see myself wearing this on a rainy day.  It's like the perfume equivalent of a big, cozy cashmere sweater, sweet, sexy, and natural.  Omigosh, and with a cup of black tea and a good book too--I die.

Big Pony #3, $50 at, Big Pony #4, $50 at #3 is 'adventurous' with  mint and ginger.  This is probably my least favorite, just because I really don't like the idea of smelling like mint, and the idea of combining mint and ginger.  It just seems a little odd to me, but I'm sure it would smell great on someone.   This last one is #4, or the 'stylish' one, with orange and kyarawood.  I like how one of them is 'stylish.'  It seems hilariously out of place/probably code for metro.  I have no clue in the slightest what kyarawood is or what it smells like, but I'm thinking oranges and wood sounds yummy.  Did I mention how much I like these bottles?  It might be the rugby-esque numbers and the ponies, but they're really calling to me.

Ralph Lauren Big Pony Collection Coffret, $45 at And just in case you're as indecisive as I am, you can get this adorable set of mini bottles of all four colognes.  You don't save a ton of money product wise, as each of these is .5 ounces and the full bottle is 2.5 ounces, so you're getting 2 ounces of product for five dollars less than the full sized 2.5 ounce bottle.  Yay math.  But how cute would that row of bottles look on your dresser?  SO CUTE.

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  1. Thank god you came you and said it because I love men's cologne, but everyone always makes fun of meeee

  2. Katie and I almost bought a bottle of Polo Double Black or whatever it's called and everyone made fun of us so we didn't :( but i'm totally doing it now!

  3. It's been documented that I like guy's cologne. Sometimes I feel like perfume can just get too sweet and too strong, and I want something clean ...



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