Monday, August 16, 2010

MAC Venomous Villains: Do Want.

In all honesty, I get really excited about every single MAC collection that comes out, unless it's all neons or lipsticks or things I don't like.  But I haven't been as excited as I am about Venomous Villains since the Hello Kitty collection came out.  It's the perfect storm of adorable packaging and completely craveable products.

Now, I'm not one of those lucky bloggers who got all the press samples from the collection, and I don't want to steal all their pics, so here's a really comprehensive review of the collection with swatches, pictures, pictures of application, and even a video review from Christine at Temptalia.  Even you're even SLIGHTLY interesting in Venomous Villains, go check it out--it might surprise you.

Here's the promo picture of all the packaging.  Again, the Dr. Facilier packaging I dislike, and the Maleficent packaging is AWESOME.

 So after much deliberating and checking of my bank balance, I've decided that I want the following things:

Vainglorious eyeshadow.  I've wanted this since I heard the description months ago, and I want it even more now having seen it.  It's from the Evil Queen collection, and it's a bronzed burgundy.  It's actually very similar to Okapi shadow that I just got form Fyrinnae, but I'm still getting it.  It's deep and warm and smoldering and just generally gorgeous.

Revenge is Sweet lipglass from the Maleficent collection.  The packaging on the Maleficent lipglasses is probably my favorite packaging from the entire collection.  So perfect, and works really well with the fact that this lipglass looks like a vampy purple in the tube, and goes on a lovely, sheer/jelly pale pinky violet--no vampy at all, and very wearable.

My Dark Magic Mineralize shadow.  I wanted Young Punk, which came out a few months ago and was very similar to this, but I missed it. :(  So I'm definitely getting My Dark Magic, because it has better packaging and is insanely gorgeous.  It's blackened base with pink and purple shadow, and is dark and sexy and sultry and kind of girly all at the same time, and basically belongs on my face.

Things I really liked, but won't be getting, but deserve honorable mention:

Sweet Joy and De-Vil shadows.  Sweet Joy is a pale, creamy white gold that's really lovely, and seems very similar to Femme Fi.  I just have too many shadows like it.  De-Vil is a warm, orangey copper.  The oranginess of it scares me, but it is very gorgeous.

All the cheek products.  There are some many pretty blushes and beauty powders in this collection, but none of them work for my skin tone!  Very sad face.  I'm very interested in Her Own Devices beauty powder, which is a warm champagne-nude that could do double time as a highlighter or blush, and Bite of an Apple blush, which is a matte coral-pink.  It's way too bright and pigmented for me, but it's so, so pretty all the same.

French Quarter Greasestick: The idea of greasesticks scares me, to be entirely honest, but French Quarter is a blackened taupe with antiqued green/gold shimmer.  It's multidimensional and offbeat and intriguing and most certainly villainous.

What are you guys looking forward to from this collection?  It hits stores September 30th in the US.

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