Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's About Time...

I've been debating about getting a pair of Sperry Topsiders for months now (seriously, here's a post I did on them in April), and you guys know that I'm slow, but I finally bought them! It only took me, what, three months? Actually, that's pretty good for me. I chose these over Vans because I think these are a little more unique, and I'm going to college on the east coast, so I may as well get a start on all the preptasticness.

Anyways, I got the Bahama Top-Siders in Chino/Oyster. I wish I had pics for you guys, but my mom has this annoying habit of driving off who knows where with the camera in her car, so we're gonna have to make do with stock pics. The two pictures on the left are the actual shoe color, whereas the pic on the right is the picture from the Sperry website, and makes the shoes look grey. I was definitely expecting grey-on-grey shoes when I opened the box, and surprise surprise, they're khaki on khaki. It doesn't bother me, but FYI if you're interested. I love the cute stripes on the inner sole! Very nautical. The funny part is that they come in this box with the Sperry mission statement, which is all about exploring the unknown sea and how is the ocean is this brave new world because Top-Siders are boat shoes, and I'm just laughing because if these shoes are on my feet, they're never going near a boat. I have a freakish fear of boats. And the ocean. So, of course I had to buy boat shoes.

As for the shoes themselves, I really like them. I finally have a pair of big girl shoes! As in shoes that have heels! They run true to size, but just a tad on the large side. I'm always a 10, sometimes a 10.5, and I could wear a pair of super thick socks with these with no problems. They're not falling off my feet, but they're a little roomy, so if you're between like a 9 and a 9.5, go with the 9. I haven't worn these out yet, but they're really comfy. They have great arch support, which I so need after years of flip flops, they're very well-made with a sturdy sole, and they don't make my feet look awkwardly huge, which can be a problem. The two-tone detail and peekabo laces keep them from being boring, but the neutral shade means they'll work with pretty much anything. You can get them for $50 at the Sperry website, or for $42.90 at zappos.com like I did.

Now, I'm going to wear them with the expected things like shorts, jeans, pants, whatever, but I also want to use them to anchor and toughen up floaty, girly sundresses like these. A.L.C. Sunburst Dress, $795 at shopbop.com, Catherine Malandrino Embroidered Cotton Dress, $495 at shopbop.com, Anna Sui Cherry-Print Silk Dress, $375 at net-a-porter.com. The masculinity and ulitarian vibe of the shoes contrasts perfectly with the girly delicacy of a sundress, and Top-Siders are a practical alternative to the usual ballet flat or strappy sandal. Come to think of it, Top-Siders would be the perfect travelling shoes. They're a sensible, comfy option for long, touristy walks, but unlike a big pair of tennis shoes, they don't scream tourist.

Image Sources: First two Top-Siders pics: zappos.com, Third Top-siders pic: sperrytopsider.com, A.L.C. dress: shopbop.com, Catherine Malandrino dress: shopbop.com, Anna Sui dress: net-a-porter.com

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