Thursday, June 11, 2009

Review: Sephora Rounded Crease Brush #13

I'm definitely a Sephora brand brush convert. I use their blush brush everyday for like 23532 things, and it performs perfectly. I also have their smudge brush, which is great at doing the whole smokey eye thing, but not so great at applying shadow to the crease. I didn't think that was all that important at first (I mean, who really cares about the crease?), but I've come to realize that without shadow blended perfectly in the crease, your smokey eye is worthless. Plus, a bit of brown shadow in the crease adds depth and definition to any basic, neutral eye. Now, I've tried doing my crease with my fingers, but it just doesn't work. So, I finally caved on the Sephora Rounded Crease brush #13. And I can't stop playing with it (it's so fluffy!).

Brush #13 is a small but fluffy brush that's slightly tapered at the end. The tapered bit picks up shadow, and the fluffier bits around the edges blend out the shadow. I pick up a bit of whatever shadow you're using for the crease (I like MAC's shadow in Wedge) on the tip of the brush, and then move the brush along the crescent-shaped crease of my eye, back and forth a handful of times. Then, to blend out the line, I'll go back over the crease, moving the brush in small circles over the line I just drew to soften it. You can then pick up a highlighter shade on the same brush and blend it onto the browbone to blend out the line further. It also would work nicely to do a soft, all-over wash across the lid. So really, it does three things! That's a good deal. It's a slim brush with a nice, long handle, so it's easy even for brush newbies like me to use.

I've seen this brush compared to the MAC 224 brush. The MAC brush is $11 more, it's a little longer, and it's a little less fluffy. It's probably a little more well-made than the Sephora brush, but I don't think anyone's going to be that abusive to their fluffy crease brush. Plus, since the Sephora brush is fluffier, it'll blend the shadow more easily. So, I'd save the $11 and go for the Sephora brush. It's easier to use and it's cheaper. Winner!

And did I mention that it's insanely soft and fluffy? I'm going to ruin it just playing with it.

Sephora brand Rounded Crease Brush #13, $17 at

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