Thursday, June 4, 2009

Finally: The MTV Movie Awards

The MTV movie awards are always interesting. They're not really an awards show, but there is a red carpet, so it's entertaining to see what celebs decide to wear. Some is good, some is entertaining, and some is, well, just bad. The only thing I have to say about the show itself is that people are stupid. I'm sorry, but if America votes that ASHLEY TISDALE IS THE BEST BREAKTHROUGH FEMALE over FREIDA PINTO, America is clearly insane. Can you tell by all the caps that I'm still upset?

Ashley Tisdale in Elise Overland, Taraji P. Henson in Roberto Cavalli: Even though she should not have won best actress under any terms ever, I like Ashley Tisdale's ensemble! Elise Overland (which means that it's leather) is way edgier and hipper than I expected from the Disney starlet, and it looks good on her. I just wish I could feed her a sandwich. Or twelve. And that I could take off the Sasha Fierce jewelry and mess up her hair a bit. But overall, I like it. Taraji, on the other hand, looks like a French maid. In a bad way (can you ever look like a French maid in a good way?). Oh, and there's a bustle in the back. Oh, and she has a mullet. Enough said.

Sienna Miller in Twenty8Twelve with shoes by Nicholas Kirkwood, Lauren Conrad in Moschino: As much as I dislike Sienna Miller, I love her look this time. She's plugging her own line, but it's totally justified here because that bottle green, sequined dress is adorable (and a little Balmania-inspired at the shoulder, no?). The shoes are insane, and her hair manages to be relaxed and glamorous. I wouldn't change a thing. Oh, Lauren Conrad. I actually like her. She seems like the only one on the Hills with some concept of reality. And I even like this dress from the waist up. But those extensions are ridiculous (and crimped?!), and who on earth wants that many ruffles around their hips? It's unflattering, even on someone as tiny as LC! The shoes are cute though. And the dramatic red lip is working for me.

Megan Fox in Dolce and Gabbana with shoes by Christian Louboutin, Vanessa Hudgens in Max Azria with shoes by Jimmy Choo: I hated that Dolce and Gabbana dress on the runway, but for some reason, Megan Fox is definitely pulling it off. It's a little on the short side, but I think the slicked back hair (it looks weird here, but it looked great live) and the minimal accessories (and hot shoes) balance out the lavishness of the dress nicely. Amd I can't hate on someone named Megan, after all. :) Vanessa Hugdens, on the other hand, looks ridiculous. The necklaces and shoes are cute, but that dress looks cheap, unflattering, and like an old-fashioned nightgown all at the same time. I hate to hate on Max Azria, but that is just not right. Especially the handkerchief hem. That's one trend that can stay in 2003.

Miley Cyrus in Moschino Cheap and Chic: These are both just...not good. I have to say, I like both the hair and makeup for Miley and Hayden (especially Hayden), but those dresses are dated and ugly. Cowl necks are not a good option for the red carpet, they just look droopy and sad (and Miley's nude cowl looks like gross skin!) and informal. On top of that, with the ill-fitting nature, cheap satiny fabric, and gross reptile trim on the hankerchief hem, Hayden looks like a '90s figure skater. What was she thinking? Miley's isn't quite as bad (she's even pulling off the nude shade with that tan), but it's just sad, frumpy, and a bit boring. This girl is a freaking Disney popstar, and she's wearing a nude dress with a cowl neck. It's not horrible, but it's a little disappointing.

Leighton Meester in Emilio De La Morena woth shoes by Brian Atwood. I love Leighton's dress. She's picked up on the sheer/cut out trend from the fall runways without looking over-the-top trendy. I'd think that dress would be difficult to wear, with the sheer panels right on her booty, but she managed to avoid flashing anyone. The soft, but minimalist hair and makeup are perfect, letting the statement dress shine through. It fits and flatters her nicely, and I like that she went with almost no accessories. I just wish she'd gone with a basic pump instead of those ankle-eating booties. Sandra Bullock actually looks cute! I like the subtle assymetry of her dress, it's a really flattering shade, and her hair looks soft and natural (except for that weird blond streak). I just want to go up there and right those tights off her, though. They frumpify her adorable dress, and are totally unnecessary.

Kristen Stewart in Yigal Azrouel. Oh, Kristen Stewart. I feel like she dresses in character. All the time. I get that you're all indie, and quirky, and off-beat, and too cool for school, but Converse on the red carpet? No. Just no. You can wear heels for three hours. I believe in you. Aside from the sneakers (shiver), I like her look. The hair and makeup are messy and dark, like K Stew herself, but the smoky eye is formal enough for the event (and I love, love, love/want her hair). The dress is interesting, but I think it works on her. It's got a bit of a Rodarte vibe, but it's weird and a little emo (again, very K Stew), but red carpet appropriate at the same time. Kudos to her for trying to work in her personal style more, but next time, just throw on some pumps. Please. As for Whitney Port, the hair and makeup are cute. The shoes are cute. She is a generally adorable person. But that just looks like a bunchy white sheet. An inoffensive white sheet, but a boring, slightly unflattering, disappointing white sheet. She has a great little body, and she doesn't need to hide it in bed linens. This is like Miley's dress. It's not horrible, but it's frumpy, boring, and underwhelming.

Even if you didn't watch the MTV movie awards, I'm sure you heard about the Bruno/Eminem scandal. If you didn't, I'm not going to ruin it for you before you watch the clip below (no, really, you must watch it).

All I have to say is: priceless. Even if it was staged. Priceless.

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