Sunday, June 7, 2009

Testing, Testing

Just checking to see if I can upload posts from my phone before I leave for New Orleans tomorrow! I'll be putting up pics of New Orleans street style for all you guys.

This is why I love graduation. :)


  1. Hi Megan! I was reading your other blog before but I always felt like a creeper so I thought I'd say hi now that you've redirected me to this one. I can't believe you've graduated, congratulations! We should hang out sometime, I miss you.
    xo, Taylor Callobre

  2. Bahaha omg HI TAYLOR!!! It's ok, I'm total creeper too. I know! I'm so glad it's over, I can't do anything to screw it up anymore. We should hang out, I miss our dance class heart-to-hearts!

  3. LOL!! Have a great time in NOLA!

  4. OMG thanks! I'm here right now actually. :) It's hot! I think I've gained five pounds solely from beignets and it was totally worth it.



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