Friday, June 26, 2009

Qi Cashmere

We get lots of random PR emails for the blog, and generally I ignore them because they're, well, random, but sometimes we find cool stuff, like Qi Cashmere. If I had to name my number one fabric of all time, it would be cashmere. It's like getting a giant, warm, fuzzy hug from your clothing. How does it get better than that? And when cashmere comes in a cute package, it's pretty irresistible.

Racerback Pocket Dress, $143 at, Military Jacket, $154 at Okay, these two aren't actually cashmere, they're cotton, but they're still adorable. That dress would be perfect to hang out in, with the comfy cut and cute little pockets. It's chic enough to run out of the house on errands in, and it's cozy enough to lounge around in. Win-win-win. And that little military jacket/peacoat? I die. The swoops at the bottom hem are so unique and so flattering!

So in the press email we got a few pics from an upcoming lounge/travel collection featuring items like this cashmere football jersey, those socks, shirts, blankets, robes, and shoes. I can't think of any more glamorous way to lounge around than in cashmere. I want to watch TV in a cashmere robe and's so boudoir, but in the most casual, easy-going way.

We also got pics from a holiday collection of sweaters with partial proceeds going towards charity. I really love the sweater on the right. The slouchy, off the shoulder neckline is so accidentally sexy, and the love the mix of the Gothic print and modern, asymmetrical stripes. Throw that on with a pair of tailored shorts and some heels, and you are good to go just about anywhere.

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Tank dress:, Jacket:

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