Saturday, June 27, 2009

Anna Sui for Target

I love Anna Sui. I love Target. Therefore, by my mathematical calculations, I love Anna Sui for Target (and I thought I'd never use math after high school). The clothes on Gossip Girl are fantastic, and Anna Sui separated her collection into focusing on the four main girl characters, Serena, Blair, Jenny, and Vanessa. Gossip Girl has a slightly dark, very fashion-forward aesthetic that fits Anna Sui perfectly, so I was super-excited to see the promo pics for this collection, which drops in September. Read on for my review.

Serena: Serena's character is the 'Kate Moss,' boho-chic it girl. I think these ensembles are a little off. First off, they're all black/white/grey. Don't get me wrong, I love all those tones, but seriously, where is the color? Second off, they're not nearly skanky enough. I love Serena, but she's a slut, and I see zero cleavage. This first outfit is just boring. Serena would wear a little leather bomber, but not with a black tee and belt and skirt. The bomber itself is a good piece, though. As for the second look, I see where it was going. A cute grey mini-dress with a statement necklacey neckline is very Kate Moss, but when done in a babydoll cut with a roomy skirt it kind of looks like a maternity dress. If it was fitted through the waist with a little tulip skirt, and the neckline didn't look like some creepy vampire-goth fang collection, it would be great. This middle dress is my favorite Serena look. It's proper up top and sexy below, and the cage-esque overlay on the skirt are the right mix of trendy and chic. These last two looks are just a hot mess. The leggings with the baggy shirt/dress with giant hip pockets in so, so unflattering and dumpy, and the 'equestrian' look on the right just looks cheap. What do knickers have to do with Gossip Girl? Nothing.

Vanessa: Vanessa is the Brooklyn hipster character, so for some reason she must wear entirely orange and brown? Not following Anna Sui there. This looks like what a '70s hippie would wear to Thanksgiving, and not in a good way. The patterns are atrocious, the styling is horrific, and not a single one of those pieces is cute or flattering. I'd just skip over these entirely. And seriously, what's with the letterman jackets?

Jenny: Jenny is the rocker-chic, rebellious schoolgirl/fashion designer. I'm not feeling the styling of these looks, but some of the individual pieces are really cute. The dress and coat from the first look would be adorable separately, and they definitely look like Anna Sui at like a fourth of the price tag. I loved the second look at first glance, but it has an awkward elastic band around the waist that's supremely unflattering unless you're a double zero with no hips. :( The middle dress is ok, but that neckline is kind of trashy prom dress in my opinion. I can't even talk about that fourth look. It has no redeeming aspects at all. The ripped leggings? Really? Is she supposed to be Lindsay Lohah? This last is my favorite Jenny look. It's a little sailor/saucy pirate wench, but it actually looks like Jenny, and it's kinda cute. The off the shoulder sleeves are sassy, and the crazy stripes/print are a little Jean Paul Gaultier. The crossover at the bodice is flattering and intriguing. Just skip the fishnets in real life.

Blair: I was the most excited for the Blair looks. She has the most personal style by far on Gossip Girl, a mixture of Audrey Hepburn and prepster chic. For the most part, I love these. The leggings look on the left is something Blair would never wear. It just looks awkward, and that had better not be a romper (when will that trend die?) The second dress looks like an adorable little a-line shift dress. The print is fun, and it looks like it's made out of a decent fabric (check out the sheen). The middle dress might be difficult for anyone with boobs/a butt/hips to wear without it looking like a nightgown. The Victorian neckline and nude/lace tromphe l-oeil print are balanced perfectly by the mini length. The fourth look is cute. I love the slouchy fabric mixed with the formal cut, and the black belt is very flattering. I just hope it's not super-short in real life, because it would be way cuter as a dress than a long shirt. This last dress looks just like a DVF dress I loved. The sheer lace trim is really on-trend, but the color and cut are totally classic, and very, very Blair.

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