Thursday, June 18, 2009

CFDA Red Carpet Roundup

So the CFDA awards were this week, and since Maud already posted the awards results (surprising, no?), I thought I'd tackle the red carpet fashion. Awards like the CFDAs are entertaining because it's really just fashion people attending, so the ensembles can be a little out there. Here's some of the good, bad, and just plain entertaining.

Olivia Palermo in David Meister, Coco Rocha in Michael Kors, Hana Soukupova in Altuzarra: I love to hate Olivia Palermo. She's such a hilarious biatch on The City, but annoying as she is, she usually has great taste in clothes. Which is why I'm surprised she picked a dress that manages to make her boobs look strangely far apart, her waist very wide, and her hips disappear. She basically just mangled all her curves. The pink shade is nice, though. Coco Rocha is amazing. I miss the red locks, but how fun is that Michael Kors dress? It's kooky and offbeat, but it's still appropriate and glamorous at the same time. You go, Coco. Hana Soukupova is another model, looking fantastic in that Altuzarra top/skirt. I love that she's wearing one of my fav lesser known designers, and that the look actually plays up her curves instead of making her look like a model twiglet. It's very Barbarella meets Grecian goddess.

Anja Rubik in Kaufman Franco, Molly Sims in Dolce & Gabbana, Heidi Klum in Michael Kors: Anja Rubik always gets it right. There's really nothing else to say. Hawtness. Molly Sims confuses me. She seems like a lovely, entertaining, gorgeous person, but she picks the strangest outfits sometimes. Yes, I know it's Dolce & Gabbana, but it has Marilyn Monroe printed all over the skirt. It's like a novelty shop gone wrong. And as for Heidi Klum, please stop looking so fantastic and pregnant at the same time. We can't compete. It's just not fair. Her dress and Hana's look really similar. Random observation. I love them both.

Vera Wang in Vera Wang, Michelle Trachtenberg in Behnaz Sarafpour, Ashley Olsen in Vintage: I feel like Vera Wang's dress could have gone really wrong, but I like it! It's funky and odd and dark, and layering that sequin slip over the racerback is such a great mix of high and low. I just wish she'd skipped the tights. Oh, Michelle Trachtenberg. I know she can clean up well and has a cute body from watching Gossip Girl, which makes me wonder how she ended up looking so darn frumpy. That dress is fugly, it adds at least 10 pounds to her teensy frame, and it looks like she has a coffe filter tied around her waist. Behnaz Sarafpour (on her right) is totally outshining her, even though with those leggings (grrr) it kinda looks like her legs have fused together at the thigh. As for Ashley Olsen and her vintage dress, I love it. It's so '80s, but it's so fun with that orange hue, it's decently flattering, and she keeps it modern with heavy black liner and minimal accessories.

Kirsten Dunst in Rodarte, Agyness Deyn in an Anna Sui dress, Doutzen Kroes in Zac Posen: Kiki cleans up good! I love, love, love her Rodarte dress, and how she picked muted, simple accessories to let the dress shine. I love the messy hair and crazy black eyeliner with her nude lips--it complements the earthiness of the dress while glamming it up a bit. Keep it up, Kiki. When does Agyness Deyn not look adorable? I'm liking the new hair (although I'm wondering if she can see), and how she personalized her Anna Sui dress with some of her own pieces. It's a little on the casual side, but she's pulling it off. Now, why does Zac Posen hate Doutzen Kroes? Did she make fun of him for being involved in that new CW show? (Can you blame her?). She looks like a brothel madam, and I'm 99% sure the skirt is see-through. At least she's making the best of it and distracting everybody by spinning around in circles and flaring out that insane skirt.

Maggie Grace, Anna Wintour in Carolina Herrera, Lake Bell in Louis Vuitton: If Maggie Grace is dating the TOMs shoes guy, I'm insanely jealous (he's so adorable!). She does look good though. That belt is genius. Still jealous. Did A Dubs dump Nadal for Justin Timberlake? Does Justin know? Does Jessica Biel know? Why???!?!?! Oh, and I like her dress. Congrats to Lake Bell for finally pulling off a piece from the Louis Vuitton show. Madonna gracefully showed us how badly that could turn out at the Met Gala (remember the bunny ears?) but here Lake Bell manages to look both on-trend and polished. I just wish she'd skipped the ballet slipper pumps for something simpler to highlight the dress a bit more.

Liya Kebede in Balenciaga, Diane Kruger in Jason Wu, Blake Lively in Michael Kors: Liya Kebede is gorgeous and working the exposed-bra Balenciaga look without looking skanky at all. Major props. OMG I want to steal Diane Kruger's dress (and her date, come to think of it). It's so sassy, but refined, but adorable at the same time. The shoulder detail plays off the strong shoulder '80s movement, the bright hue also ties back to the '80s, and the black belt makes it even more flattering. Love. And Blake Lively looks pretty darn good, no? Yes, she is insanely and freakishly tan, and somewhat resembles an Oompa Loompa, but that Michael Kors dress is fun, chic, and flattering. Much better than that Met Gala monstrosity.

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