Saturday, June 13, 2009

La Divina Gelateria

I've been living off ice cream lately. Don't get me wrong, I do that normally, but down here when it comes to choosing between a wilted green salad (sometimes I really love being the token family vegetarian) and a bowl of ice cream, the ice cream wins every time. I have mental health priorities, people. Having had almost every variety of ice cream under the sun, good and bad, I'm always on the lookout for exciting new flavors. In New Orleans I stumbled across La Divina Gelateria, and I think I'm in love. They have crazy awesome flavors and use mainly local, seasonal ingredients. There are two stores in NOLA, but you can also buy their stuff on their website, (I'm so hitting that up). Ok, I know gelato isn't technically ice cream, but trust me, you won't want to miss this stuff. It's $60 for 6 pints of gelato/sorbet, and I know that's expensive, but this stuff is potent. I ordered two of the smallest cups, both the size of one of those tiny, easy to peel tangerines (Cuties? Like golfball sized) and I couldn't even finish one. It's that rich. A pint would last even me like a week, which is more than I can say for Ben and Jerry's (which I can totally down in like one sitting). It comes in flavors like Honey Sesame Goat's Milk, Azteca (spicy, and I mean spicy, chocolate), Avocado, Creme Brulee, Cocco Thai, and Mint Julep, and about 20 more. I think I miss it already.
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