Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Team Pool Vs. Team Beach

All righty, while it may not look like summer right now in LA, I (the bikini/surfing/beach/pool worshiper, a.k.a. NOT Megan) am saying that no matter what the weather dictates, you can always find a suit to flatter your body type. Rain or shine. Pool or beach. Just coming out of an all girls school, Megan and I are quick to note that almost every single girl (woman, whatever) has a different shape. So I thought I would be considerate and come up with a style that would suit each "typical" shape a person might have. And before I continue, please, please, please keep in mind that boy shorts are flattering on no one!

If you have a smaller bust, try emphasizing it with something frilly like ruffles, a pattern or an interesting shape. Camilla and Marc Une Parisienne Bikini, $199 at shopbop.com. Tibi Pyramid Bandeau Bikini, $198 at shopbop.com. Lisa Curran Twisted Bikini, $176 at shopbop.com.

If you have a larger bust, try de-emphasizing your bust with solid colors and simplistic and sturdy cuts and make them a little more fun with details like ties. Personally, I hate most bikinis with wiring (they look like cheap bras!), so I tried to find some suits that would workout. Vix Swimwear Bia Bikini, $155 at shopbop.com. DVF Pandora Runway Bikini, on sale for $168 at shopbop.com. Rosa Cha Faked Stripe Halter Bikini, on sale for $164.50 at shopbop.com.

If you have a more boyish figure, try wearing a suit that will enhance the curves you do have by wearing something that might not be as flattering on someone who has a little more of a curvaceous body. Red Carter Eyelit String Bikini, $180 at shopbop.com. Shoshana Ruffle Bandeau Bikini, $174 at shopbop.com. Vix Swimwear Amalfi Bikini, $165 at shopbop.com. (You can't tell by the photo, but it's actually striped)

If you have a more curvy-all-over kind of body, no fear, your perfect swimsuit is here! Generally you want to got for suits that are very flattering, which means that you should look for solid colors, typically single pieces, and smaller prints. Lisa Curan Twisted One Piece, $185 at shopbop.com. DVF Tatiana Runway Maillot, $255 at shopbop.com. Brette sandler Swimwear Jane Halter Bikini, $164 at shopbop.com.

And of course, you can never go far without a cover-up. Unless you plan on going straight back to your car and then home, you might not want to walk around public places in a wet towel. Here are some casual and not so casual options for beach to street. Juicy Butterfly Jacquard Terry Dress, $138 at shopbop.com. Milly Trivelli Keyhole Cover-Up, on sale for $147 at shopbop.com. DVF Rachel Cover-Up, $325 at shopbop.com.

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