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Review: MAC's Romp Eyeshadow and Chanel Allure

One of my friends and I went on a little field trip today to MAC and Sephora. AKA the two best stores ever. I went into MAC looking for a green-tinged brown shadow with gold shimmer (the shadow equivalent of Green Gold pigment), and I walked out with Romp. It's funny how that happens. That said, I'm really, really happy with Romp! The first picture is the most accurate in terms of color, and the other two are pretty good but a bit on the cool side.

First off, I love the name 'romp.' It's so cheerful, and just a little bit cheeky, and it totally fits with the shadow itself. I'd describe it as a medium gold bronze with a gold frost and a bit of a shimmer. It has none of the red of a normal bronze, and it's almost a dark, really antiqued gold. The shimmer is really, really fine, so I predict no fallout, and the frost adds dimension, but isn't overwhelming. I really, really love this color. It's very finely ground and applies exceptionally smoothly, e
ven for MAC. It's very easy to layer, so you can get a sheer wash of golden bronze, or layer to get a bronzey, smokey eye. That makes it appropriate for a daytime neutral eye, or for a deeper, nighttime/going out look. It also works nicely in the crease (if you're smarter than me and actually have a nice, fluffy crease brush) because it's dark enough to give defintion without being so dark as to look unnatural. It applies well wet too, it just gets a bit deeper and more saturated. Romp is dark enough to use without a liner, and almost has a wet look on the lids. My favorite thing about it is that since it's in the brown family, it's a versatile neutral, but the gold in it is bright enough to stand out and be noticeable on the lid. It's fun and attention-getting, but not distractingly bright. I can definitely see myself hitting pan on this. I'd give it a 10/10. PS: it's very, very flattering on hazel or green eyes, because the contrast of the gold highlights the green in your eyes without being jarring. I'm always trying to emphasize the green in my hazel eyes (it's such an indecisive eye color! Grrr!).

MAC Eyeshadow in Romp, $14.50 at

Since our MAC and Sephora stores are literally right next to each other, I always have to go to both (and by have to, I mean need to). The one thing I can count on happening when I go to Sephora is that I'll walk out smelling like a head shop because I've sprayed on so much perfume. The only one that's still going strong right now is Chanel Allure EDP.

The notes are Peach, Mandarin, Bergamot, Rose de Mai, Water Lily, Jasmine, Vetiver, Vanilla, and Sandalwood. At first, all I got was white flowers (I guess it was the jasmine and the water lily), overwhelming amounts of white flowers that made me want to go scrub it off my arm immediately. I tried to stop smelling it, but it was so strong that I couldn't! The sillage and lasting power are really, really good (unfortunately at the time). About two hours later, something changed. Now it's still really sweet and heady, but the vanilla and sandalwood have come out to play too. It's definitely a more mature fragrance, but it's elegant, sophisticated, and feminine, while still being sexy. I wouldn't call it a young fragrance, but I think it's a great, more youthful alternative to Chanel No. 5, which just screams grandma to me. Allure has a bit of the powderiness of No. 5, but it's much, much more wearable. I could actually see myself wearing this (after the drydown), on a cold day, wrapped up in a cashmere sweater and drinking some tea in front of a fireplace. This is not a warm weather fragrance. It would be completely overwhelming. It is expensive, but it's Chanel. You're buying a name, and a fragrance quality, and it is worth the price in the long run (you can always try eBay). If you're looking for a refined, sophisticated fragrance that doesn't feel old or stale, I'd try Allure. If it has that many white flowers in it, and I still like it, it must be good!

Chanel Allure EDP, $80 for 1.7 ounces at

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